49 seriously good Canon DSLR tips, tricks, time savers and shortcuts

49 seriously good Canon DSLR tips, tricks, time savers and shortcuts

Canon DSLR Tips 6-9


Canon DSLR Tips: sRAW6 Try  sRaw

Note that you can shoot in JPEG and raw simultaneously, which is handy if you want to quickly check a shot on your PC or send files by email. You may also be able to shoot in sRaw, which offers many raw benefits while taking up less card space. But, sRaw means that the camera is using fewer pixels, so you won’t get the same resolution or quality as raw proper.

Canon DSLR Tips: adjust your dioptre

7 Adjust your Dioptre
See things more clearly as you shoot by adjusting the viewfinder to your eyesight. The Dioptre, a mini thumbwheel at the top-right corner of the viewfinder, enables you to adjust the optics inside. Turn it while looking at the clarity of the numbers you see in the viewfinder, not at the image itself (find out more about how to use a viewfinder).

8 Shine a light
In low light, you can have difficulty seeing all your camera settings clearly. Use the full size of the rear LCD to help guide the way – the settings will be shown on the screen if you press the Disp or Info button as you set up the shot (the button you use depends on the model of EOS you own).

9 Top light
If you have an EOS with an LCD on the top (such as the Canon 7D), this can be lit separately if you press the lightbulb button top left of the screen.


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  • Dimitri_K

    A few “tips” are really bad advice. Do NOT change your color space to Adobe RGB (ARGB) unless you are familiar with color management from camera to post-processing to printing, and if you don’t instantly recognize what it means to convert your color space to sRGB in post-processing software for printing at any lab/print service, then you don’t want to use Adobe RGB color space in your camera. If you don’t properly handle ARGB files at every step, your colors will be worse than the default setting of sRGB, which is what 99.9% of the photos you see use. Also, using the Av priority mode with flash is strange; you can easily exceed your maximum flash sync speed. Use shutter priority when using flash to set your shutter speed at an acceptable speed, then modify your ISO if needed to get the aperture or background lighting level where you want it.