Lightroom series part 17: Create a dramatic male portrait in Lightroom

Lightroom tutorial male portrait
(Image credit: Sean McCormack)

When photographers process a female portrait, they often go for a delicate retouch that tries to be as flattering as possible to the subject. This is less often the case with the male portrait, where character reigns supreme. Here we can swap soft, rosy cheeks for laugh lines, scars and wrinkles. Lighting plays a part in the drama – and I’ll look at that in my expert tip – but there are a few tricks in Lightroom processing to take a photo from a well-lit shot to a truly captivating image.

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Sean McCormack

Sean McCormack is a commercial, and editorial photographer, book author, and regular contributor to Digital Camera magazine based in Galway, Ireland. He has extensive experience with Lightroom, dating back to its original beta version, and has tried out just about every plugin and preset available. His latest book is Essential Development 3: 25 Tips for Lightroom Classic’s Develop Module