Rode RodeLink Filmmaker Kit review

A professional wireless microphone system in a portable package

Rode RodeLink Filmmaker Kit review
(Image: © Digital Photographer)

Digital Camera World Verdict

The RØDELink Filmmaker Kit is easy to use and delivers great-quality audio without the hassle of a wired connection and with the convenience of AA battery power. A great wireless microphone set-up for the serious filmmaker.


  • +

    Wireless operation

  • +

    100m range

  • +

    Multiple channels


  • -


  • -

    Can't use multiple transmitters with the receiver

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Like the popular RØDE Wireless GO, the RØDELink Filmmaker Kit is an audio transmission system that enables you to record high-quality audio wirelessly to your camera or other recording device. The Kit has three main components: the receiver, which connects to your camera via a supplied cable; the transmitter, which can be clipped onto a belt or slipped in a pocket; and the broadcast-quality lavalier microphone. 

Unlike the Wireless GO, the transmitter in the Filmmaker Kit doesn’t have a built-in mic, so you have to connect one for it to work (and you don't have to use the supplied microphone, if you need a different type of mic).

The Filmmaker Kit can operate across eight channels, each with 1,000 transmission frequencies, which means that two kits can use the same channel without interfering with each other. If you need to set up or change the channel, it’s just a case of sliding the receiver open and pressing the small red button to make the channel number flash on the display screen. 

ou can then press the channel (CH) button on the exterior to toggle through the channels. When you have the one you want, slide open the receiver and press its red button, and the two units will pair almost instantly. 

Rode RodeLink Filmmaker Kit review

(Image credit: Digital Photographer)

RØDE employs Series II 2.4GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption, which can be used anywhere in the world without a license. Also, the Filmmaker Kit continually monitors the signal, changing between frequencies to maintain the best connection. It works across up to 100 metres, around 30 metres further than the Wireless GO. 

Three gain settings on the transmitter let you select the right level by keeping an eye on the audio signal indicator on the receiver. There are also three gain settings on the receiver that enable you to turn down the camera’s pre-amp (where possible) for reduced noise.

Pressing the power button on the transmitter for half a second, or the mute button on the receiver, mutes the mic.  The 3.5mm mic port has a thread so you can lock the mic connection in place to prevent accidental removal.

While the Filmmaker Kit is much bigger than the Wireless GO, it has the advantage of greater range and using AA batteries or USB-power. We tested it with a variety of cameras and the audio quality is excellent. The only disappointment is that it’s not possible to use more than one transmitter with one receiver.

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