Panasonic Lumix S 14-28mm F4-5.6 MACRO review

Panasonic’s ultra-wide zoom comes with a modest zoom range, a modest maximum aperture and an very modest price

5 Star Rating
Panasonic Lumix S 14-28mm F4-5.6 MACRO
(Image: © Rod Lawton)

Digital Camera World Verdict

Panasonic’s full frame mirrorless camera system might not quite have the momentum of Canon, Sony or Nikon’s, but it’s been quietly building up a set of very compact, very affordable lenses to go with it. And while the specs of the Lumix S 14-28mm F4-5.6 MACRO might look very ordinary, the value and performance this lens offers are definitely not ordinary. This unassuming, even bland-looking optic delivers a lot more performance for its modest asking price than you might expect.


  • +

    Compact size, low weight

  • +

    Constant length, handy for gimbals

  • +

    Excellent value

  • +

    Good performance

  • +

    Fast, silent AF


  • -

    F4-5.6 somewhat restrictive

  • -

    Basic controls

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Ultra-wide zooms are very popular amongst landscape, travel and architectural photographers for their ability to squeeze everything into the frame even when you’re right up close. They are also useful for filmmakers and vloggers who need to film themselves at arm’s length and get the background surroundings into the frame too.

However, ultra-wide zooms for the best full frame cameras are typically big, heavy and expensive. Either that, or their performance is only mediocre. The Lumix S 14-28mm F4-5.6 MACRO really turns that on its head. It’s not very expensive, but it is rather good. In fact, for anyone trying to keep the costs down, it's got to be one of the best L-mount lenses to get.

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Mount optionsL-mount
Lens construction14 elements in 10 groups
Angle of view114-75°
Diaphragm blades7
Minimum aperturef/22
Minimum focus distance0.15m
Maximum magnification0.5x (at 28mm)
Filter size77mm
Dimensions89.8 x 84mm

The bad news with the Panasonic Lumix S PRO 16-35mm f/4 is that while it's the top-tier ultra-wide Pro zoom in the Lumix S lens range, it is itself only an f/4. The good news is that it has a longer 16-35mm zoom range and that for a pro lens it’s actually really cheap, certainly when compared to the likes of Sony G Masters or Canon L-series lenses.


The Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 DG DN Art offers a slightly shorter zoom range than the Panasonic, but comes with a constant f/2.8 maximum aperture and legendary Sigma ‘Art’ lens image quality. It’s a better lens for all-out light gathering and image quality, but it costs a good deal more than both the Panasonic Lumix S equivalents.

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