One by Wacom review

The small variant of Wacom’s most affordable drawing tablet is a no-frills, utilitarian device that might just convert a few trackpad stalwarts

The One by Wacom plugged into a computer
(Image: © Future)

Digital Camera World Verdict

If you do a lot of retouching or dodging and burning, and don’t want to spend out on a pro-grade drawing tablet or expensive pen display, then you’ll struggle to find a tablet that boasts the One by Wacom’s overall blend of affordability and quality. The plasticky pen really is the only notable blight on an otherwise impressive little tablet that's easy to set up and responsive.


  • +

    The main tablet feels very robust

  • +

    Lots of customization options

  • +

    Plug and play for Chromebook users

  • +

    The small form factor is ideal for travel

  • +

    Drawing is smooth and responsive

  • +

    Paper-like surface


  • -

    Cheap, plastic pen

  • -

    Only 2,048 pen pressure levels

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Drawing tablets like the One by Wacom are a refreshing and surprisingly intuitive alternative to hunching over a trackpad for hours on end. And while they’re traditionally considered a mainstay of digital illustrators, they can enhance the workflow of photographers who regularly work with brushes for tasks such as frequency separation, and dodging and burning.

The best Wacom tablets boast thousands of pressure levels, shortcut buttons and super-slick pens. But the One by Wacom trims the fat in favor of a no-frills approach that’s ideal for drawing tablet newbies or anyone who values robustness and portability in favor of the latest bells and whistles. 

Mike Harris
Technique Editor

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