Mimeo photo book review

Could a Mimeo photo book be the perfect gift for your friends and family? We test the Mimeo Photos service to find out

Mimeo Photos photo book review
(Image: © Future / Louise Carey)

Digital Camera World Verdict

With impeccable quality and beautifully printed images, our Mimeo Photos photo book was definitely impressive. However, it's a shame that the service is only accessible to Apple users and that you have to download an app.


  • +

    Great quality

  • +

    Sharp printing

  • +

    Dust jacket included


  • -

    Only accessible through an app to Apple users

  • -

    Over-saturation of colors on cover

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If you’re looking for a photo book as either a gift for a loved one or a place to display your latest photographic masterpieces, then you may have stumbled across Mimeo Photos. This photo book manufacturer works in conjunction with the Apple Photos app to help you create perfect collections of your favorite photos.

However, Mimeo Photos doesn’t just offer photo books. You can also purchase a variety of prints in 21 different sizes as well, including portrait, landscape, square and panoramic.

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Book shape: Square, Landscape
Book size: 8x6", 11x8.5", 13x10", 8x8", 10x10"
Paper: Glossy white paper, Silk white paper (acid-free)
Style: Softcover, hardcover, hardcover with dust jacket
Extra page costs: 8x6 soft cover $0.49 /additional page, 11×8.5 hardcover $0.99/additional page, 13x10 hardcover $1.49 /additional page, 8x8 softcover and hardcover $0.79/additional page, 10x10 hardcover $0.99/additional page
Shipping: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, US. 

Ease of use

Mimeo Photos is a third-party Photos app extension for MacOS, allowing you to create and edit an Apple Photo project for printing. It’s worth noting that you can't actually buy a photo book from the Mimeo Photos website. Instead, you have to download an app in order to design your book and place your order - and the service is only available on MacOS, which unfortunately prevents anyone who doesn’t work on Apple computers from accessing the Mimeo Photos products. 

Mimeo Photos offer over 50 theme options, including well-known Apple favorites and you can customize layouts and backgrounds for your own personal touch. You can also apply edits, adjustments and filters to any photo directly within the app's design page. Once we'd downloaded the app extension, the software itself was relatively easy to use. 

Quality of results

Where Mimeo Photos really shone was in the quality of the book we received. We ordered a hardcover book, which arrived with an attractive dust jacket (although the cover image was also printed on the actual cover of the book as well). 

The only gripe we have about this book was that the saturation seems to have been pushed up for the front cover image, as the skin tones on both the dust jacket and the hard cover itself became a luminescent orange. However, it’s worth noting that this seems to be a common problem across all of the photo books that we’ve reviewed - and it was also nowhere near as bad as some of the other books as well. Be wary of using a highly saturated image for your front cover, as you might find the colors turn out a little garish.

However, despite issues with the cover, the photos inside the book were beautifully printed. They were nice and sharp, with none of the fuzziness experienced in cheaper options. Unlike the front cover, the colors also printed very accurately. 


If you have a Mac computer, you want a great quality photo book, and you don't mind downloading an app to get it, then we'd definitely recommend Mimeo Photos. Despite the slight over-saturation of the front cover, the quality of the book really speaks for itself. Out of all the photo books we’ve reviewed, it’s the only one to offer a dust jacket, which really adds a touch of elegance to the product.

The only significant downside of Mimeo Photos is the fact that you can only access it if you’re a Mac user and only if you download an app. If Mimeo Photos operated through a website, it would be an almost perfect service.

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