Elinchrom Quadra ELB 400 review

Elinchrom's Quadra compacts have a significant size difference compared to the Ranger portable models, and yet deliver up to 424 joules of flash

Elinchrom Quadra ELB 400 review
(Image: © Australian ProPhoto)

Digital Camera World Verdict

Elinchrom is the affordable Swiss pro flash brand, and the Quadra system combines portability with power, but the ELB 400 is no longer the most compact solution for on-location lighting.


  • +

    Exposure and colour balance stability

  • +

    Fast recycling

  • +

    Short flash durations for freezing action


  • -

    No wireless TTL exposure control

  • -

    Power pack is still quite big

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An indication of just how far the development of battery-powered studio flash packs has come is to compare Elinchrom’s original Ranger portable models with the latest version of its Quadra compacts. The size difference is very significant, as is the weight – even compared to the first incarnation of the Quadra, shaving off in the order of a kilogram – yet the Quadra ELB 400 still delivers up to 424 joules of flash power.

Key specs

Maximum Power: 424 joules.

Guide Number/f-stop: f64.5 (48-degree reflector, ISO 100, one metre).

Number Of Outlets: Two.

Power Distribution: Asymmetrical 2:1.

Variable Power Output: 6.9 stops in 1/10, ½ or full-stop stop increments.

Flash Duration (t=0.5): 1/1200 – 1/2800 second (Output A at 100 percent).

Recycling Time: 1.6 seconds to 424 joules (fast mode).

Modelling Lamp: 20 watts LED (equivalent to 50 watts halogen with programmable timing).

Model Lamp Control: On/off, continuous and programmable timer.

Triggering: 3.5 mm sync connector, photocell/IR receiver, EL-Skyport (radio frequency).

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