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What do you get when you cross a slider with a monopod – the amazing Slypod Pro!

MOZA Slypod Pro
(Image credit: MOZA)

Actually, we’ve seen the MOZA Slypod design already – it’s in our guide to the best camera sliders – but the Slypod Pro is something new. It’s a much more advanced version that combines an electronic slider and fully adjustable jib arm for controlled camera movements while filming at any angle, including horizontal, vertical (or even diagonal, by the look of it) panning movements.

And when you’re not carrying out any fancy camera movements and you just need a bit of support, the Slypod Pro can also be used as a regular monopod with a powered upper section for height adjustment. 

It comes with a mini tripod base for vertical monopod style filming, but it can be attached to the side of the Slypod Pro for slider movements. More likely, you’ll attach the Slypod Pro horizontally to the head of a full size video tripod, especially if you need to work at normal heights with heavier cine gear.

(Image credit: MOZA)

Slypod Pro details

The motorised ‘slider’ section is controlled electronically with smooth internal gearing, and extends up to a maximum of 530mm for a total length of 1,460mm. As a slider, it gives you (we guess) half a meter of camera movement, but used as a jib arm mounted on a tripod it offers a much greater total extension for filming at all sorts of awkward angles.

MOZA says the Slypod Pro can be controlled with one hand, or remotely via its companion smartphone app. Camera movements can be programmed in and you can perform precise movements at variable speeds.

The Slypod Pro is made from carbon fibre and folds down to a size designed to fit in a backpack. It looks like a very useful multi-function device for videographers who need to travel light and adapt quickly to different filming situations.

(Image credit: MOZA)

Where to get the Slypod Pro

MOZA already makes a whole range of stabilising gimbals and video camera supports, but it’s launching the Slypod Pro as a kickstarter project. We already have an early sample for testing and will bring you a review shortly.

In the meantime, you can find out more on MOZA’s Slypod Pro Kickstarter page, where there will be special pricing for early birds.

UPDATE: We're told that the Slypod Pro has been fully funded five minutes from launch!

The Slypod Pro is currently being offered to backers at a price of $499, which is $100 off the full retail price when the kickstarter campaign ends, 29 days from launch.

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