Vanguard reveals fashionable roll-top and slim profile backpacks for its VEO range

VEO Select Top Roll Backpack
(Image credit: Vanguard)

Top bag manufacturer Vanguard has introduced new roll-top and slim profile backpack designs to its VEO Select range of bags. The new models join the innovative transformer-like VEO Select Backpacks to Shoulder models that are already in the ever-increasing range. 

The Slim Backpacks are designed to be as portable and lightweight as possible, for photographers working on the move - where travel is part of everyday life. Weighing only 1080g (2.4lbs), the lightweight backpacks are discreet. For easiest access these models are built into two separate main compartments. These consist of a lower primary storage section for the placement of cameras, lenses and accessories such as a travel tripod and an upper removable section which, one take out, allows top access to your gear. 

Tech specs

Vanguard VEO Select 37BRM: 

Weight: 1,080g

Dimensions: 28 x 17.5 x 39cm

Capacity: Mirrorless, up to 4 lenses

Recommended price: £79.99 

Vanguard VEO Select 46BR

Weight: 1,380g

Dimensions: 28 x 21 x 47.5cm

Capacity: Mirrorless or larger DSLR, up to 5 lenses

Recommended price: £109.99

Main kit access is achieved from the back to maximize security, since these openings will be close to the photographer's person, and can be performed from both sides. This caters for both left and right handed individuals. 

Also incorporated are a non-slip, padded backpack harness, adjustable chest strap and padded back with central airflow system. The water resistant bags are available in two variants - the VEO Select 37BRM (280 × 175 × 390mm) for mirrorless cameras of small DSLRs and the VEO Select 46BR (280 × 210 × 475mm) for larger enthusiast and pro cameras. 

Vanguard VEO Select Top Roll Backpacks (Image credit: Vanguard)
Tech specs

Vanguard VEO Select 39RBM: 

Weight: 1,070g

Dimensions: 27 x 17 x 43cm

Capacity: Mirrorless, small DSLR, up to 4 lenses

Recommended price: £79.99 

Vanguard VEO Select 43RB

Weight: 1,250g

Dimensions: 31 x 20.5 x 47cm

Capacity: Mirrorless, larger DSLR, up to 5 lenses

Recommended price: £99.99

Meanwhile the new VEO Select Top Roll Backpacks feature the same lower photo gear compartment with an upper expandable section, for additional capacity and to allow the storage of up to 2 tripods, when using the expandable side pockets. Side access is again possible, but top access to gear is possible by reconfiguring the interior layout to custom arrangements. 

The VEO Select 39RBM measures 270 × 170 × 430mm while the VEO Select 43RB has dimensions of 310 × 205 × 470mm. These are tailored for smaller mirrorless cameras and larger DSLRs respectively. Both models have the same chest strap and harness as the slim backpacks. 

All of the new VEO Select bags have a seam sealed rain cover built in – and will go on sale in March.

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