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Use this Black Friday deal code now and save money on the iPhone XR today!

Affordable Mobiles is slashing the price of the Apple iPhone XR by a further £30, meaning you'll get the phone for just £89!
(Image credit: Apple)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching – and many phone retailers are offering superb discounts today.

Take this bargain offer from Affordable Mobiles as just one example: this retailer is offering a discount of £30 off, so that you can get your hands on an iPhone XR 64GB Black for just £89 up-front (with an EE Essential Plan of 15GB for £33 for 24 months).

Shop at Affordable Mobiles now and save £30 with this deal code: TRBF30

The iPhone XR is quite a bit different from the iPhone XS - offering a look that is a lot more colorful but a screen that's LCD rather than OLED. 

Its camera specs are a little different too, and that's because this is a phone that has one lens on the back, compared to the iPhone XS' dual lens setup. 

This screen is larger than the iPhone Xs’s, though, and battery life is far better than that of the smaller, fancier iPhone Xs too. 

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Use this Black Friday deal code to save on the iPhone XR!
Apply the Black Friday deal code TRBF30 at checkout and you can grab the iPhone XR for just £89! There's free delivery on this item too. Just visit Affordable Mobiles to see all their current Black Friday deals.View Deal

In a world where three lenses on the back of phones is fast becoming the norm, why then would you even consider something with just one lens? Well, the specs are actually impressive...

It has the same 12MP wide-angle camera (26mm at f1.8) with optical image stabilization for photos and videos. This is a fantastic lens for a camera phone, and Affordable Mobiles' deal makes it a must-buy – so don't miss out! 

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