Upload your life to the cloud with new service from Capture X Google Photos

Capture X Google Photos offers new way to digitize images
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Online digitization media service, Capture, is helping to bring your lifetime of memories and legacy to the cloud, by teaming up with Google Photos to make the process that much easier to share your old memories with loved ones. 

Capture says that billions of older images and home videos are at risk of potential loss as we move into a digital age – estimating that up to 90 million households could have treasured memories sitting in the closet, simply waiting to be digitized.

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Having a spring clean, sorting the attic or moving to a new house anytime soon? It might be worth thinking about having your precious family photo albums and older media content digitized, and transferred into a Google Photos library for safekeeping and easily shareable content. This can be such a simple and hassle-free process with the help of Capture (by Yes Video)

Capture is currently the only media transfer and digitization service that can now, as of today, save your older media content and memories directly to Google Photos. The digitization services offered by Capture usually involve receiving back your media, photos and files accessible via a free MemoryCloud 60-day account (included with the order), or additionally on a physical DVD or USB drive add-on.

(Image credit: Capture)

The company has now teamed up with Google Photos to enable users a much smoother process in converting their VHS tapes, film slides, cassettes and printed photos to the ominous cloud, and in completing what Capture calls a person's life legacy timeline, being comprised of legacy-aged media that Capture affirms is prone to deterioration over time, losing both clarity and color. 

Physical media, while a great keepsake, can be easily lost and forgotten, left in dusty basements and closets, and let's not forget susceptible to loss in the event of natural disasters or fires. Content, no matter how treasured, loses its value when it’s inaccessible, that's why Capture and Google Photos are making efforts to simplify this process, and secure your memories with a cloud-based accessible format. 

Note that Google photos requires the creation of a Google account, internet access to view, and in some cases may require a pay-monthly storage quota.

(Image credit: Capture)

Using Google Photos to store your images and files can be a great way of making media easy to view, accessible, and shareable with friends and family from any device at any time. 

“Providing high quality, publish-ready digitized content via the cloud with Google Photos is making everyone’s photo timeline accessible at the touch of a button.” shares Capture CEO, Lisa McCabe.

(Image credit: Capture)

“Capture is on the leading edge of technology and holds over 16 patents that cover everything from processing, editing, and scene detection to scanning and composing,” She continued. The company and service has been active for more than 20 years, with 12 million happy customers entrusting Capture with the task of unlocking their memories. 

Capture currently offers two convenient options when sending away your legacy media items to be digitized. The first method is via a custom order that involves a customer choosing a combination of the items they wish to send, then shipping it to Capture (based in the US) using a UPS prepaid label, or a shipper of choice. 

The alternative involves ordering a simplified Time Capsule based on item quantity, for a flat fee, that includes packaging and prepaid shipping to return to Capture. 

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Affiliations with multiple retailers across the US allows for convenient drop-off at trusted locations, or customers can ship their legacy media directly through UPS. Every single step of the process is tracked and tagged, processed by hand in the USA. Capture ensures the full security of each family's memories, and all orders are overseen by a leadership team with 12 years of service.

Have a look through your memory boxes and consider what Capture can do for you in preserving the most precious memories and making them accessible forever with Google Photos.

Especially for photographers with older catalogues, this service is a must for digitizing your extensive years of work. Start a custom order now and receive 50% off using Google Photos for a limited time.

(Image credit: Capture)

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