This pinhole camera is as small as a hockey puck! Meet the Solarcan Puck

solarcan puck attached to a fence
(Image credit: Solarcan)

Solarcan is an established brand of ready to use solargraphy cameras that come in a convenient little can – easier to transport and set up than most other pinhole cameras, and relatively inconspicuous if left outdoors to come back to at a later time. 

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The brand has developed a newly announced product, the Solarcan Puck, after a year of contemplating various designs for a tinier version of the sun-catching camera. The Puck is a shrunken-down version of the original 16oz Solarcan, the only difference being that the it will capture a circular image instead of a rectangular one. 

The ultra-long exposure camera is capable of capturing several sun exposures, tracking the path of the sun over days, weeks, months or even years if you're patient enough. The capsule holds three exposure sheets of photographic paper, each of which is protected by a cover sheet. A very small aperture is poked into the front of the tin, enabling the exposure to take place. 

The Solarcan Puck will come packaged with two small cable ties, a sticky pad, three exposure sheets and an instructional guide for how to set up and use the camera. A video (above) was uploaded to YouTube by Solarcan's Sam Cornwell, explaining how the Puck works and how to set it up.

Announcing the creation of the puck via Instagram, Solarcan HQ very kindly gave away a Puck for free with every Black Friday order it received over the promotional period. Unfortunately, though, there hasn't been a clarification on where or when we can expect to purchase a Solarcan Puck now that Black Friday has concluded.

For the time being, you can purchase the original Solarcan from B&H  – or you can have a bit of fun and make your own pinhole camera!

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