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Support the Australian wildfire crisis for a chance to win a Leica

Support the Australian wildfire crisis for a chance to win a Leica
(Image credit: Red Dot Cameras)

British Leica specialist Red Dot Cameras is encouraging photographers to support the Australian wildfire crisis by giving away a Leica D-Lux 7. 

Simply make a £10 ($13 / AU$19) donation via the company's website, which will be transferred in full to the Australian Red Cross, and you'll be entered into the competition to win the camera. 

As you're no doubt aware, Australia – a country the size of North America and mainland Europe – saw wildfires sweeping across its cities and landscapes on an unprecedented scale, unmatched even by the wildfires in the Amazon and California. Entire cities were destroyed and the wildlife population was decimated, with well over half a billion animals believed to be burned alive in the devastation. 

While rains have now quelled some of the fires (though 82 fires are still burning, including 30 that remain out of control, according to CNN), the lifesaving rainfall brings more life-threatening risks – namely flash flooding (some cities haven't had rain in years, so the ground is unable to absorb the water) and water pollution (from the ash contaminating water supplies).

In short, fires still rage, the rains have brought fresh challenges, and only now can the relief efforts truly begin – both for the tormented wildlife and the humans left homeless and penniless in the aftermath. 

All that considered, a £10 donation seems very little to ask – especially with the prospect of winning a Leica D-Lux 7, a 17-megapixel camera with an equivalent 24–75mm focal length and f/1.7-2.8 aperture that's perfect for street and everyday photography.

However, if you'd like to donate more directly to the Australian relief effort, here are some services that would dearly benefit from your help: 

NSW Rural Fire Service
Australian Red Cross
St Vincent de Paul NSW
Port Macquarie Koala Hospital
The Rescue Collective

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  • AnOpticalView
    A worthy cause and a very British way (as a nation of animal lovers) of helping ease this terrible ecological disaster as well as those Australian people made homeless.
  • Madmalc