Steve Irwin's son releases nature and wildlife photobook to honor his late father

Robert Irwin's Australia
(Image credit: Robert Irwin )

The son of one of Australia’s best-known and most-loved wildlife experts is releasing a photo book containing a series of nature and wildlife images. Robert Irwin who followed in his father's footsteps, Steve Irwin, has spent the last few years documenting the “most rugged, beautiful, surprising and awe-inspiring” landscapes Australia has to offer, compiling them into Robert Irwin’s Australia.

In a previous interview with Robert Irwin, we found out about his own photographic practice. “For me, I am all about capturing the raw beauty of nature. I take a lot of pride in a very minimalistic editing style, aiming to capture most everything organically in the camera without the need for too much alteration on the computer."

Robert's book commemorates the popular zookeeper and conservationist, the appropriately nicknamed Crocodile Hunter died aged just 44 from a fatal stingray injury in the Batt Reef, Australia. The news shocked the world, we’d seen him battle crocodiles and hunt out the world’s deadliest snakes but no one could imagine he would eventually succumb to his dangerous but exciting lifestyle.

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As well as being a passionate conservationist, Steve Irwin had an ongoing love for photography and “had an amazing eye behind the lens… and now I get to do the same thing it’s almost like it’s genetic” recalls Robert Irwin in an interview with Sunrise This Morning. 

The book is due to be released on 15 November, which is known around the world as Steve Irwin Day and gives those who admired and loved him a chance to celebrate his life, legacy, and passion for animals. There has been some criticism surrounding the book's incredibly high price tag - a whopping $189 - and while all profits from the book will go to wildlife conservation charities, many people feel it’s not at all affordable. That being said, 500 special edition copies sold out in just a few hours costing $349 each so clearly there is demand. 

Paying homage to his home, the hardback book is printed, bound, and made in Australia and all copies come with a printed ‘thank you card for your contribution towards conservation. Books can be purchased directly from Australia Zoo - Home of the Crocodile Hunter and as mentioned all proceeds will go back into conservation. It’s definitely not a cheap buy, but if you love animals, have a soft spot for the Irwins, or have AU$189 burning a hole in your pocket, this may just be the book for you. 

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