Squirrel attacks sheriff on camera – and cop gets a trophy for surviving!

Squirrel on a fence
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When you think of squirrels, chances are you imagine a cute woodland creature whose one and only mission in life is to seek out and bury acorns. Now while that may be true for most squirrels, it appears some squirrels have other ideas about how to live their lives and it includes attacking a law enforcement officer. 

In the last few weeks, animals have been caught doing all manner of things on camera phones and webcams all over the world. From a cat discovering his owner's not so secretive pet cam to an owl inspecting a weather cam in Montana to a mischievous magpie disrupting a postman’s round by stealing a letter, it’s needless to say animals unknowingly provide us with a lot of entertainment. 

The latest Candid Camera moment comes from a sheriff in Harrison County, Indiana, USA, who was caught on video getting attacked by a bushy-tailed rodent. The riled-up squirrel launches himself at the sheriff and then starts to run up his back, down his legs and across his belly while the officer flails after it. (If the video below will not play, you can watch it directly at this link).

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Watch video: Squirrel attacks sheriff

The attack took place at Seven Oaks Trailer Park, where an older woman had called the police to remove a squirrel from her trailer home that had sneaked in as she opened the door for her cat. Worried about injury and disease, the woman called the police after the squirrel ran up her leg and onto her head, scratching her in several places. 

Police officers did manage to detain the squirrel but not for long, as it escaped and attacked one of the sheriffs on the call out. Luckily Deputy David Wheatley was not seriously injured and he has since been awarded one-off martial arts certificate for squirrel Tae Kwon Do and received a bronze squirrel trophy from the police department. 

Sheriff Nick Smith, one of the other officers on duty said the squirrel is still at large and is wanted for residential burglary and battery. 

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