Curious cat karate chops pet camera after being "betrayed" by owner's spy device

cat finds hidden pet camera
(Image credit: gigglebush88 from Reddit)

The internet has been going crazy over a video of a cat after it discovered its owner’s not-so-secret pet cam. First posted to Reddit, it has already received more than 30,000 upvotes and Beans (the cat) has become a viral sensation – or as one Redditor referred to him, a 'MewTuber'.

We’ve all wondered what our pets get up to when we’re not at home, and thanks to modern camera technology it’s pretty cheap and easy to find out. The best pet cameras or best spy cameras enable you to sneakily record what’s happening at home even when you’re not there. These days they come with features such as motion control, voice activation and can even shoot in 4K but, despite an attempt to be discreet, Beans sussed out his owner's game plan. 

Reddit user giglebush88 first posted the video in the r/cats subreddit, but it wasn’t until it was shared in r/aww it really made some traction. Posted with the caption "Looks like my cat Beans found the pet cam I set up to spy on him from work" Reddit users have commented that not only is Beans very cute, but also a little shocked and resembles grandparents on a video call. Either way, people have clearly fallen in love with Beans. 

looks_like_my_cat_beans_found_the_pet_cam_i_set from r/aww

The camera, which is motion-sensitive, follows the curious cat as it moves around the frame – much to Beans' surprise. After almost a minute of intense inspection and lots of sniffs, Beans appears to wave / swipe at the camera, revealing his cute little paws. Reading through the comments on Reddit, it would appear that the camera supports two-way chat – but gigglebush88 is yet to try it. Perhaps that’s the next viral video we’ll see…

While poor Beans might not be so happy about his privacy being compromised, it’s bound to have instigated "aww"s and "ahh"s from people, and perhaps even made someone’s day just that little bit better. The life of pets behind closed doors is a magical, mysterious one but, thanks to cameras getting smaller and more discreet, we are starting to uncover some of our furry friends' favorite activities. 

We have reached out to gigglebush88 to find out what camera he has but have not yet received a reply. 

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