Owl inspects camera, becomes internet sensation

KRTV news own caught on camera
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An inquisitive owl has been captured on a weather camera in Montana, USA, after it was caught inspecting the curious object. In the video, we can see the owl in an ultra-close-up shot as it darts about the screen looking into the lens. 

As complex as we humans can be, when it comes to animals we are really simple creatures. It doesn’t take much for an animal to coax oohs, ahhs and giggles from us. A curious look here or a funny movement there and, without even realizing, the animal in question has become a viral sensation. Just last week, we posted about a cat who has discovered his owner’s not-so-secret pet cam and a magpie who was caught stealing a mailman's letters.

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Watch video: Curious owl caught on camera

Originally posted by KRTV News, the video has also been doing the rounds on Twitter – and unbeknown to the owl, it’s become a bit of a sensation. The Great Fall Eyecam managed to capture a 27-second clip of the majestic bird in which you can see its head in darting all over the place. The animal's wide eyes only added to how shocked it looked at its discovery, and the internet has been going crazy about the footage. 

Situated on the top of the US Bank building in downtown Montana, the camera is usually used to check weather conditions in the community – not spy on wildlife. Since it was posted it has received more than 8,000 views on the KRTV YouTube channel and over 4,000 likes on KRTV Twitter. One Twitter user commented, “me in my zoom meetings trying to stay engaged” (we all know that feeling)” and another remarked that it was “the timeline cleanse I needed today.”

This isn’t the first time the camera in Montana has captured wildlife but usually, it only picks up small creatures such as spiders, moths or smalls birds. Never before has an owl as curious as this one been caught on camera, but we can only hope this is the first sighting of many of this majestic bird. 

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