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Samsung Galaxy S10 set to get this incredible new camera feature

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is set to come with a 'hole-punch' selfie camera and three lenses on the back - we know this because of recent leaks. But new information has come to light about the camera phone that proves it's not just the hardware that's getting a major upgrade, but software too. 

UPDATE: The Samsung Galaxy S10 has officially launched, at Samsung's huge Galaxy Unpacked launch. You can read all about it in our Hands on: Samsung Galaxy S10 camera review

According to SamMobile, there are going to be significant changes to how wide-angle photos are taken on the handset and it is all thanks to an update to Android.

In a Samsung Android Pie beta update, which is now available on existing phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, there is an intriguing new feature in the camera settings that allows you to turn on Ultra Wide Angle Correction. 

This feature allows you "to save the picture by correcting the distortion of the background or by correcting the distortion of a person".

Ultra wide-angle hint

This is a massive hint that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 is set to have an ultra-wide angle lens. And if it does, it will join the likes of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro in offering ultra-wide shooting. 

There have been a recent spate of Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks and we have to admit, the more we read the more we think this is will be a handset that will be vying for the best camera phone crown. 

Now, we could be slightly jumping the gun here, given the new Samsung Galaxy A8s has an un ultra-wide camera. But it's highly likely that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have this lens technology, too, given it is something that its biggest rivals already have. 

And if it does, having this ability to toggle the distortion will mean that it will also have one-up on its rivals when it comes to its camera technology.

Via Forbes