Remembering Leopards reveals results of conservation photo competition

remembering leopards image 14
‘Yala Glance’, Volodymyr Burdock's photo of a Sri Lankan leopard will feature in the forthcoming Remembering Leopards book (Image credit: © Volodymyr Burdock)

Wildlife Photographers United has revealed the 20 competition winners whose images will be included in the forthcoming Remembering Leopards book. 

Founder Margot Raggett said that over 3,500 photos were entered and the entry fees raised over £19,000/$23,880 – all of which will go to leopard conservation projects. 

The judging panel included leading wildlife photographers Tristan Dicks, Richard Peters and Will Burrard-Lucas, who all had an “incredibly tough job”, added Raggett. 

Remembering Leopards will be published on 9 October 2023, priced at £45 ($56), and will be the eighth book in the charity book series which was started by Raggett in 2016. 

Scroll down to enjoy the winning images, which cover all nine species of leopard, plus images of snow and clouded leopards, too…  

remembering leopards book cover image 2

(Image credit: © Wildlife Photographers United/Mark Dumbleton)

Raggett decided to take action after seeing a poached elephant in Kenya, and started asking fellow wildlife photographers if they would contribute images to a fundraising book – this request launched the start of something special. 

Remembering Elephants and its successors – Remembering Rhinos, Remembering Great Apes, Remembering Lions, Remembering Cheetahs, Remembering African Wild Dogs and Remembering Bears – have between them raised more than £1 million/$1.3 million for 55 conservation projects across 24 countries. 

At 180 pages, Remembering Leopards will be the biggest in the series yet and will feature images from wildlife photographers including Marsel van Oosten, Art Wolfe, Greg du Toit and Will Burrard-Lucas – included under the ‘Wildlife Photographers United’ banner – plus 20 readers of Digital Camera magazine, who answered the call to enter images in issue 264 (February). 

To be chosen to appear in Remembering Leopards, readers had to submit images of all nine species of leopard: African, Amur, Arabian, Indian, Indochinese, North Chinese, Javan, Sri Lankan and Persian – plus snow and clouded leopards, too.

The judges were looking for striking and beautiful images, true to the original scene, with nothing added or taken away. Editing should have been kept to a minimum.

See the winning Remembering Leopards photos

remembering leopards winners comp image 3

LEFT: ‘Boys at Play’ by Trish Hennessy. Location: Samburu National Reserve, Kenya.  Species: African leopard. RIGHT: ‘Arabian Leopard Pops Up’ by Francesco Veronesi. Location: Ein Gedi Reserve, Israel. Species: Arabian leopard. (Image credit: © Trish Hennessy & Francesco Veronesi)

remembering leopards winners image 4

‘With Love from Bandipur’ by Yashas Narayan. Location: Bandipur tiger reserve, Karnataka. Species: Indian leopard. (Image credit: © Yashas Narayan)

remembering leopards image 5

‘Leopard Family’ by Kairav Engineer. Location: Jawai, India. Species: Indian leopard. (Image credit: © Kairav Engineer)

remembering leopards winners comp image 4

LEFT: ‘Peri Urban’ by Owen Grobler. Location: Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate, South Africa. Species: African Leopard. RIGHT: ‘Leaping Leopard’ by Paras Chandarial. Location: Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. Species: African leopard. (Image credit: © Owen Grobler & Paras Chandaria)

remembering leopards image 6

‘An Ancient Myth Morphs’ by Harman Singh Heer. Location: Kabini National Park, South India. Species: Indian leopard (melanistic). (Image credit: © Harman Singh Heer)

remembering leopards winners comp image 5

LEFT: ‘The Flying Snow Leopard’ by Ismail Sharif. Location: Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary, Himachal Pradesh, India. Species: Snow leopard. RIGHT: ‘Hiding in a Snow Plain’ by Oriol Alamany. Location: Spiti Valley, Himalaya mountains, India. Species: Snow leopard. (Image credit: © Ismail Shariff & Oriol Alamany)

remembering leopards image 7

‘Blessing Rain’ by Paolo Torchio. Location: Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. Species: African Leopard.  (Image credit: © Paolo Torchio)

remembering leopards image 8

‘Misty Sunrise’ by Garry Mills. Location: Kruger National Park, South Africa. Species: African leopard. (Image credit: © Garry Mills)

remembering leopards image 9

‘Leopard in Candlebra Tree’ by Richard Guijt. Location: Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. Species: African leopard. (Image credit: © Richard Guijt)

remembering leopards winners comp image 6

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: ‘Xidulu and Cub’ by Heinrich Neumeyer. Location: Sabi Sands, South Africa. Species: African leopard. ‘Tlalamba’ by Lance van de Vyver. Location: Djuma, South Africa. Species: African leopard. ‘Foot hole of an Elephant’ by Mevan Piyasena. Location: Yala National Park, Sri Lanka. Species: Sri Lankan leopard. (Image credit: © Heinrich Neumeyer, Lance van de Vyver & Mevan Piyasena)

remembering leopards image 10

‘Is this the last look back?’ by Matthew Roper. Location: Primorsky Krai, Russia. Species: Amur leopard. (Image credit: © Matthew Roper)

remembering leopards image 11

‘A Leopard’s Kingdom’ by Marc Mol. Location: Eastern Serengeti, Tanzania. Species: African leopard. (Image credit: © Marc Mol)

remembering leopards image 12

‘Sibling Love’ by Thorsten Hanewald. Location: Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. Species: African leopard. (Image credit: © Thorsten Hanewald)

remembering leopards image 13

‘Leopard Leaps’ by Jane Addey. Location: Sabi Sands, South Africa. Species: African leopard. (Image credit: © Jane Addey)

Pre-order Remembering Leopards today!

Remembering Leopards book cover image large

(Image credit: © Wildlife Photographers United/Mark Dumbleton)

Remembering Leopards (Standard Edition) will be published on 9 October 2023, priced at £45 ($56). But you can pre-order the book now, for just £40 ($50). 

The Remembering Leopards launch event will take place at London’s Royal Geographical Society on 11 October. 

Prints of the winning competition images will also appear in the London exhibition to launch the book, and those prints will subsequently be sold to raise further money for the cause. 

For more information about the series, visit the Remembering Wildlife website

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