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Peak Design's up to 40% off sale makes its camera bags a must-buy

(Image credit: Peak Design)

Peak Design has some of the most beautifully designed bags you can get – they're extremely versatile, highly customizable and look great. They can travel to the boardroom with a laptop and work essentials, to a holiday outing with clothes, camera gear or anything else you may need.

The San Francisco-based company also has a variety of clips and straps that go into making the Peak Design bags so versatile and functional. Moreover, every single one of the bags are waterproof.

And it's not just backpacks in the Peak Design catalog, there's slings, messengers and totes to choose from as well. If you already own a Peak Design bag, you can get additional accessories like pouches to add to the organizational abilities of the carrier.

There's a lot of mileage to be gotten out of these excellent bags, but they don't come cheap. So when there's a sale on, like this week-long event, it's time to think about getting yourself a Peak Design bag.

All the older V1 options – backpacks, slings, messengers and totes – are now discounted by a whopping 40%, while all the new items (or V2) have had their prices slashed by 20%. It's a site-wide sale, with the sole exception of the travel tripod, that ends on April 6 (or until stocks run dry), and here's our pick of the pack:

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13 V2 | $176 / £145 / AU$293 (20% off)

Whether you want to carry a few odds and ends or a small camera kit, the 13L Everyday Messenger can handle it all. Currently in its second iteration, this Messenger bag has a laptop/tablet sleeve, along with a front pocket for accessories. It’s small enough to take with you on your travels or daily commute, while also being spacious enough to pack your lunch, a book and laptop as well.View Deal

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13 V1 | $132 / £109 / AU$329 (40% off)

If the newer version of the 13L Everyday Messenger is outside of your budget, you can opt for the original V1 model that now comes with a 40% discount. The only difference between the two editions is the choice of colors, a slight difference in design, with the V2s featuring more sustainable materials, and upgraded zips and latches.View Deal

Peak Design Everyday Backpack V1 20L | $156 / £129 / AU$257 (40% off)

There's plenty of ways you can get creative with organizing a whole load of things into this backpack. You can access it from the sides or the top, and add pouches, straps and clips to suit your needs – it’s a very adaptable bag, one that will do well on your travels (when the current crisis has blown over) or take care of your everyday needs. There are four color options to choose from and available in 20L and 30L capacities – just choose your style and size before heading to checkout.View Deal

Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L V1 | $90 / £74 / AU$148 (40% off)

This 10L sling bag is for those who believe in traveling light. In fact, if you don't need it on hand, you can flatten it out so it can be packed away into a larger bag or suitcase. Access to the main compartment is from the side, and its interior features Peak Design's origami-inspired Flexfold dividers. Plop a travel camera into it, along with other bare necessities and you're all set for exploring.

A 10L sling bag too large for your needs? You can always grab a 5L one, also for 40% off.View Deal

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Zip | from $152 / £125 / AU$253 (20% off)

One of the latest additions to Peak Design's range, this backpack has a very minimalist look, with top or side access via a 270-degree zip designed for "decades of use".  It can fit a 15-inch laptop, and two FlexFold dividers will keep the rest of your belongings in place. There are smaller sleeves for your bits and bobs and the expandable side pockets can be use for a water bottle or a tripod. The Zips are available in four different colors in either 15L or 20L capacities.View Deal

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