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NiSi NM-180 Macro Focusing Rail gives perfect precision for focus stacking

NiSi NM-180 Macro Focusing Rail
(Image credit: NiSi)

In macro photography detail is everything. Selecting an exposure to reduce any chance of blur, through movement, is a critical step, while correct focussing means the difference between a successful shot and a defocused flop. This is especially true at high magnifications, where even the slightest mis-placement of the focus position will mean the key areas of the subject are not sharp.

A focusing rail is a perfect tool for precisely adjusting the focal plane. Compatible with the Arca-Swiss dovetail tripod mount, the new NM-180 Macro Focusing Rail from NiSi is a versatile choice for professional and enthusiast photographers. 

The NM180 is constructed of rugged CNC machined aluminium (Image credit: NiSi)

The rail is equipped with an integrated Arca-Swiss type quick release foot-plate and clamp, maximising compatibility with other camera support products users may already own. It features both 3/8in and 1/4in tripod mounts for convenience, a 360º rotating head and a dedicated long plate for telephoto mounts, which can be easily locked and released, with a well-considered ergonomic design.  

The collapsible thumb screw is used to reposition the Arca-Swiss compatible mount on the rail. (Image credit: NiSi)

The rail has an adjustment range of 160mm with a travel distance of 1.25mm per revolution of the collapsible thumb-screw control. Handily the rail also features four removable support studs, which enable the setup to be used directly on a table top, or from a tripod, increasing the device's versatility. Two rail components can be stacked at 90° to each other, for movement on dual axes. 

The body of the rail features engraved index marks on either side to further aid with precise positioning. The construction is hard-wearing, being fashioned from CNC machined aluminum, with a hard-anodized corrosion resistant finish.  

The NiSi NM-180 Macro Focusing Rail will go on sale from mid-July for just $129 / £105.

Pre-order the Nisi NM-180 at Adorama

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