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Nikon launches #createyourlight to help photographers through these dark times

(Image credit: Nikon / @LilyRose)

Nikon Europe has launched a new campaign, #createyourlight, to encourage photographers from all over the world to pick up their cameras and document this historic moment in time. By uniting photographers with a shared mission, Nikon says it hopes to provide motivation and purpose when it’s most needed.    

#createyourlight provides a platform for photographers to share their own unique stories of life in lockdown, through imagery. The community is open to photographers of all levels and genres using any equipment. Image makers are encouraged to take photos inside, being as creative as possible with their surroundings. 

Nikon's campaign encourages photographers to think inside the box – and come up with creative ways to document their days of through the lockdown (Image credit: Nikon / @mmgrafix_photografie)

To help inspire and educate its followers, Nikon will also be working with its own professional photographers, brand Ambassadors, and Nikon School staff to share hints and tips on how to make the most of shooting at home, using the hashtag to spread the message. Followers should also look out for themed photography challenges. One of the first photographers to be getting involved is professional food photographer Donna Crous who will be demonstrating the best scenarios and styling tips to produce tantalising photos.

To respond to the challenge, photographers simply need to post an image documenting their isolation story on their Instagram channel using #createyourlight. Nikon will then be showcasing some of the stories/images on the campaign webpage (launching in upcoming weeks) with the intention to hold an exhibition at the Nikon School in London to further showcase the work.

For more information about the #createyourlight platform, simply follow the hashtag and join the community on Instagram.

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