Comica shotgun microphone is world's first with built-in wireless transmitter

Comica VM30 shotgun microphone
(Image credit: Comica)

Shotgun microphones are amongst some of the most frequently used mics around, offering high-quality sound recording, with excellent noise isolation, they are often the first choice for interviews and direct-to-camera video. 

So far the best shotgun mics have lacked in basic wireless functionality, often requiring complicated DIY wireless systems where the audio has to be simultaneously recorded externally and synced along to the video later in editing. This is where the best lapel microphones have come a long way, offering powerful in-built wireless setups for easily recording audio in sync with your video.

Now Comica has announced what they are claiming is the first consumer shotgun microphone to come with a built-in wireless transmitter built directly into the microphone, that can beam the audio to a separate receiver – the Comica CVM-VM30.

(Image credit: Comica)

The VM30 is a Super Cardioid Condenser Shotgun Microphone, the microphone can be used in the traditional wired method, or offers 2.4Gz wireless transmission. The microphone has a wireless range of up to 100 meters in open areas and Comica claims the signal can still reach up to 20m even in obstructed environments. The wired and wireless modes can be used at the same time, which more flexibility for recording options, but still limits the placement of the microphone.

The VM30 microphone comes with a number of features including a high 48kHz/24bit sampling rate, gain control, a safety mode to prevent unwanted loud peak sounds, real-time monitoring, muting – plus a 75/150Hz two-stage low-cut filter, and high-frequency boost functions. The Comica VM30 has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that can last up to 50 hours in wired mode and 7 hours in wireless mode, which can also be charged while in use.

(Image credit: Comica)

The VM30 is supplied with a shock mount and a windmuff, and the microphone’s full metal body blocks external interference. Up top there is an OLED screen that displays signal status, gain level, battery power, audio dynamics, and more, which are also reflected on the receiver’s IPS LCD screen display.

The Comica VM30 will cost $189 / £199 / AU$339 and is available to order right now. from Amazon and other select stores.

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