Need an adrenaline rush? Watch the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge video…

GoPro has released its second annual Million Dollar Challenge video – which is packed full of short clips that show the amazing, body-jolting, moments that an action camera can capture.

The two minute video features 56 clips that were chosen by GoPro from some 42,000 that were submitted for the competition. The 45 creators of these clips share an equal share of the $1 million prize - so will receive $22,222 each for their winning submission.

The judges had to sort through over 350 hours of footage, and edit it into one coherent video to come up with the YouTube video (above), which went live today. 

“At first, when filtering through 42,000 submissions, you're excited to see anything that's well executed, but after a while, you start looking at it from the perspective of how shots will play with each other,” says Daniel Sherer, GoPro's Associate Creative Director. 

“We've seen a growing amount of curiosity and creativity influencing what people are capturing in their worlds, especially with the addition of MAX, so this is something we knew we wanted to highlight as well. Once we dialed in this creative direction, it became a matter of finding the pillars of the edit, creating an emotional arc and finding the right song to tie it all together. In the end, we probably tested five times as many shots as what you see in the final cut.”

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Chris George

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