NanLite caters to all creatives with its latest launch of lighting products

Nanlite Pavobulb
Nanlite Pavobulbs will be sold individually or as 4x or 12x kits. (Image credit: Nanlite)

NanLite has just announced four new products are to be added to its range, including a two monolights and a light tube. As part of the Nanguang group, the company has 29 years of experience in specialized imaging equipment while NanLite focuses on lighting equipment and strives to design technology that expands the creative horizon of photographers.

The four new products that will be released simultaneously are the Nanlite PavoBulb, the Nanlite PavoTube T8-7X and the Nanlite Forza 720 & 720B – two high-powered monolights that excel in performance and value. These products join a lineup that already includes the impressive Nanlite Forza 300, a professional-grade LED constant light designed for the studio. 

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The PavoBulb is designed as a soft, flexible lighting solution that can be used individually or several at at time. (Image credit: Nanlite)

First up is the PavoBulb 10C, a practical lighting solution that will let you adjust the CCT or HUE of the bulb using built-in buttons or the Nanlink app. With dedicated powering and mounting accessories, it’s designed to inspire filmmakers and enable them to quickly achieve their ideas while delivering subtle, beautiful light. Weighing just 170g, it features a bi-colour range of 2700-7500K, a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 96 and a Television Lighting Consistency Index (TCLI) of 97. It’s able to accurately render 36,000 colors, includes 15 fully customizable effects and gives you complete control of brightness. 

The Nanlite PavoTube is like a light stick that can be used for light painting and other creative effects. (Image credit: Nanlite)

Next up is the Nanlite Pavotube T8-7X, a handholdable, 1M long LED tube light designed to create moody atmospheres, dazzling stage decorations, to be used as a light painting tool for night photography or to create dramatic effects. Like the PavoBulb, the pixel tube also has a CCT range from 2700-75000K and it has the same CRI and TLCI rating of 96 and 97 respectively. These fun lights also provide an incredible 36,000 colors and its slim, lightweight design makes it a perfect choice for small spaces. It can be controlled wirelessly via the Nanlite WCUSBCC1 Wire Controller which also provides extra battery power and additional controls. 

The Nanlite Forza 720 looks like a strobe monolight, but is in fact a constant 800W daylight-balanced LED light, so suitable for both stills and video. The Forza 720B is a bi-color variant with a white balance temperature range of 2700K-6500K. (Image credit: Nanlite)

Finally, the last two products Nanlite is releasing take the form of the Forza 720 and 720B. These constant, LED monolights offer a convenient alternative to flash with the only difference between them being that the Forza 720 is a daylight lamp whereas the 720B is a bi-color light with an expanded range of 2700K - 6500K. 

Both lamps are 800W and can be controlled onboard or via Bluetooth. They have special effect settings that include  CCT Loop, flash, pulse, storm, paparazzi, candle/fire, bad bulb, firework, explosion and welding all of which will help you be more creative on your shoots. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to view the final image before taking the shot and with enhanced intensity, an optimized design and improved build quality, the latest edition to the Forza family promise to be the best and brightest Nanlite spotlights ever. 

Prices start at just £75 (about $98/AU$131) for the PavoBulb and go up to £1,416 (about $1,846/AU$2,465) for a 12-bulb kit (with case and accessories) which is perfect for lighting large spaces on big productions. For those interested in the PavoTube, a single tube will set you back £95 (about $124/AU$165) while the 4-tube kit will cost £370 (about $482/AU$644). The Forza 720 and 720B are priced for professionals and cost £1,745 (about $2,275/AU$3,038) and £1,963 (about $2,559/AU$3,417) respectively and can be purchased as individual lights.

This latest announcement from NanLite is exciting news for a wide range of content craters including vloggers, professional photographers, filmmakers and cinematographers. Such versatile lights could be used to shoot anything from music videos to short films, products or people, the possibilities really are endless. For more in-depth information about each individual product, head to the Nanlite website

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