More changes at Olympus?! Now cameras are reportedly being rebranded too

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Following the Olympus rebrand, a new rumor has appeared, speculating that cameras will be rebranded and lose the traditional Olympus naming structure. This means that we might see the Olympus OM-D E-M1 rebranded to OM 1D, as an example. 

Last year it was announced Olympus would be rebranded as OM Digital Solutions Corporation, losing the century-old name. Now it’s looking like its camera names will also be updated to run in line with the OM Systems update. 

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Since the news came out that Olympus would be sold to investment group Japan Industrial Partners (JIP), Shigemi Sugimoto, President of OM Digital, said "The launch of this new company brings together a more focused and flexible organization. Moving forward this will allow the freedom to explore new business opportunities, enabling us to contribute to society with more passion than ever." 

The complex naming system of Olympus cameras has sparked debate over the years. With similar names containing lots of numbers, letters, and dashes, it's no wonder that some users struggled to tell the difference between the OM-D E-M1 III and the OM-D E-M10 III. According to 43 Rumors, OM Digital Solutions will be rebranding these cameras from the OM-D E-M naming convention to OM 1D, OM 5D and OM 10D from fall 2021. 

OM Systems has also reportedly applied for a patent for a potential new logo that features bold, simple text in monochrome, bringing it more in line with modern camera logos. It's reported that OM Systems has requested to trademark the possible logos that could be used on future Micro Four Thirds products.

(Image credit: 43 Rumors)

Although some Olympus users may have been worried about losing the familiar name, JIP has promised that it would effectively remain the same organization and has no plans to reduce the number of cameras it sells. 

Olympus has been around since 1919, starting out in the world of microscopes and thermometers. It made a name for itself with its 35mm SLR range and adapted to the new age of photography with its line of Micro Four Thirds cameras. 

While some users may be sad to say goodbye to a name synonymous with the brand's history, this move will ensure that OM camera manufacturing will hopefully be around for years to come. We have reached out to OM Digital Solutions for comment and will update this story accordingly if we receive a reply. 

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