Latest Leica M11 leaks: 60MP sensor, electronic shutter, $400 more than M10-R

Leica M11
(Image credit: Leica)

More information unfolds about the newly anticipated Leica M11, including new photos and specifications, ahead of the suspected launch date of 13 January. 

This new information has uncovered a detailed technical data sheet of the new 60MP Leica M11, along with pricing details suggesting that you may only need to pay $400 / £400 more than the current M flagship (the Leica M10-R) thanks to a leaked page from Park Cameras.

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Within detailed technical data sheet, which was leaked by Leica Rumors, it is confirmed that the Leica M11 will have a 60.3 megapixel CMOS sensor and be capable of producing three different file sizes and resolutions thank to its new Maestro III processor: 60.3MP, 36.5MP and 18.8MP. 

It is also confirmed that at full resolution you can expect to get a 70-120MB DNG per image, and the cameras features continuous shooting speeds of either 3fps in Continuous Low or 4.5fps while using the Continuous-High setting.

The leaked Leica M11 pricing, spotted on a page at Park Cameras (Image credit: Park Cameras)

Another big change is the introduction of an electronic shutter that is cable of 1/16000 sec, but purists need not fear as the mechanical shutter is still present with its 1/4000 sec shutter speed. 

Speculation on the M11 not having an SD slot is merely a myth, as the leaked specs confirm that it will support up to 2TB SD cards and along with USB Type-C integration. It is, however, confirmed that the camera will have a 64GB internal memory, so you might not need that SD card after all if you don't intend on shooting regularly – and it will be incredibly handy when you forget to pack a card.

(Image credit: Leica)

An interesting note about the M11 are its color options and corresponding materials. Silver (or chrome, as it is commonly referred) along with black are listed; however, the silver colorway will feature a full-metal housing made of magnesium and brass while the black variant will feature magnesium and aluminum only – no brass at all. This might come as a surprise to Leica loyalists that are aficionados of the brass build quality of older cameras. 

In previous leaked imagery of the M11, some eagle-eyed supporters spotted an unmarked button located to the right of the shutter on the top plate. It was rumored that this would be a video button but, if this spec sheet is to be believed, there is no listing for a video feature on the camera. It could therefore be used as a custom function button or, as we've previously mooted, a button to switch between different file formats and resolutions (as listed above). 

(Image credit: Leica)

Along with recent Leica M11 leaks, the eagle-eyed Leica community also spotted a new lens attached to the camera: a 50mm f/1 Noctilux. Those who don't know the history of the Noctilux might be confused, but it is considered one of the best M lenses to own and we can tell that many are excited about this new lens making its way on the shelves.

All this information is still rumor for now. However, on 13 January, it is more than likely that Leica will announce the M11 at its scheduled 'What Makes a Legend' event and these specs will become official news. If that isn't enough leaked information for you, take a look at theses two videos below featuring photographers Ralph Gibson and Goncalo Fonseca, both using the Leica M11.

Within these leaked promotional videos we are clearly shown a redesigned baseplate in the M11, similar to that of the Leica Q2, whereby you no longer need to remove the brass baseplate to expose the SD card and battery. In this new design the battery cover is also part of the baseplate, and once inserted covers the SD card compartment and sits flush with the rest of the camera body.

In the video featuring art photographer Ralph Gibson, we also get a glimpse of the new Leica Visoflex being used in situ with the M11, which looks to have been completely resigned and now features a more low-profile, boxy appearance than that of the previous generation Typ020 EVF.

The Leica M11 is actually referenced in Goncalo Fonseca’s account of using the camera, and is said to have excellent low-light capabilities. Sample images are also provided from both photographers within the videos.

These two leaked videos still remain on Vimeo, but it could be only a matter of time before they are removed. So if you want to see the latest M11 before anyone else you'd better watch them while they are still available!

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