InstantKon SF70: A fully manual Polaroid SX-70 that takes cheaper Instax film

InstantKon SF70: A fully manual Polaroid SX-70 that takes cheaper Instax film
(Image credit: MiNT)

Analog camera specialist Mint has announced the InstantKon SF70 – a new instant film camera that reimagines the legendary Polaroid SX-70, but adds a raft of manual controls.

The InstantKon SF70 is already built on solid foundations, being a revamp of one of the best instant cameras ever made, but thanks to a slew of new features it will be far more than just a fresh lick of paint on a camera that was designed in 1972.

For some time, Mint has been restoring and retailing the classic Polaroid SX-70 camera in various configurations – from the SLR670-S that offers shutter control, to the TL70 featuring aperture control, to the RF70 possessing both shutter and aperture functions. 

Now the company's latest version of the SX-70 – beloved for its beautiful, foldable design and manual focusing – takes things to another level. And the InstantKon SF70 accepts cheaper Fujifilm Instax Square film, instead of traditional and pricier Polaroid SX-70 film. 

The key differences between the new SF70 and the Polaroid SX-70 are the manual controls. The SX-70 enables you to focus manually and, although you can add a flash to the camera, it doesn't possess the ability to control the aperture or shutter speed. Obviously, adding these is a huge benefit for those that want greater control and more creative freedom when shooting with instant film. 

While taking a shot on a digital camera costs nothing, the price of instant film can really start to add up – and missing shots due to the camera not metering correctly can be extra frustrating when you're paying for the privilege. Having full manual control is something that can help prevent that, especially if you're going the whole hog and using one of the best light meters as well. 

In addition, the InstantKon SF70 features with a brighter f/5.6 aperture (as opposed to the f/8.0 aperture on the SX-70). That extra stop of light, along with greater manual control, offers a lot for instant film enthusiasts to get excited about – which is good, given the high price. 

The InstantKon SF70 is more than double the price of a refurbished SX-70, starting at a Super Early Bird price of HK$6,390 (approximately $824 / £613 / AU$1092) including a neutral Density filter, pack of color film, and access to the Mint Unlimited Free Films Movement. The Kickstarter campaign has smashed its target and shipping is lated for March 2021.

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