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Hoya’s award-winning Fusion One filters arrive in the UK

(Image credit: Intro2020)

Some good news on the accessory front – Hoya’s Fusion One range of filters are now available in the UK, courtesy of distributor Intro2020.

The filters have gathered some buzz among photographers as a result of winning the TIPA 2019 World Award for best accessory earlier in the year. Built from Hoya's own high-grade optical glass, they also make use of 18 layers of Super HMC multicoating for high light-transmission and resistance to flare. They’re designed to complement the high optical quality of contemporary camera lenses, ensuring sharp image transmission and excellent colour rendition across the frame.

Three types of Fusion One filter are available – a UV filter, a protector and a circular polariser. They’re stain-resistant to protect from dirt, smudges and fingerprints, and they’re also water-repellent, meaning they’re easy to clean. All this technology makes them hardy and well-suited for outdoor work – if you’re a landscape photographer who doesn’t mind a bit of rough weather, these filters are a good choice of shooting companion.

As is a Hoya trademark, they also have a low-profile filter ring, which makes them useful even for wide-angle shooting, where filters can sometimes cause vignetting issues. There’s also a front screw thread for attaching additional filters, making it easy to use multiple Fusion Ones in tandem. They’re available in various filter thread sizes, from 37mm to 82mm. 

The Hoya Fusion One filters are available now from a variety of stockists, with prices ranging from £20 to £100.

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