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Godox announces Godox CL10 LED light

Godox LED light for influencers
(Image credit: Godox)

Godox has officially announced the Godox CL10, an LED light that's been designed for influencers and creators that stream content online. The Godox CL10 offers full RGB color control, which offers users plenty of control for an ambient light effect. 

Godox typically tend to produce larger, more powerful lighting options designed to light the main subject. However, the Godox CL10 is different, as it's not specifically designed to be the key light. Instead, it's intended to be an ambient light source for users to create atmospheric background lighting. 

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The Godox CL10 is a lightweight LED light that includes a tilting mount.  Wireless control for the light is available via the IR remote control, which is included with the light. The CL10 is a wired LED light and doesn't have an internal battery. Having said that, the USB port means that you can use a power bank to power the light if portability is required. 

The Godox CL10 has a total of 36,000 colors to choose from, which gives users plenty of flexibility when creating content. The CL10's lighting colors and effects offer a wide range of different looks. For example, the CL10 can produces looks that mimic lightning, candle light, fireworks and even emergency services. 

Although the Godox CL10 isn't designed to be a key light, the included mount does allow the ability to add light modifiers, such as an umbrella. This means that the CL10 could also be used as the main light to illuminate the subject in a flattering manner. 

The Godox CL10 could be a brilliant option for many creatives and influencers. Instead of using lighting strips and hue changing light bulbs, the CL10 could offer a greater deal of flexibility and control. The Godox CL10 is available for pre-order for $63 at B&Hand for £65 at Amazon UK

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