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(Image credit: Future)

The new issue of Digital Photographer is out now. 

This month we have another amazing issue for you, packed full of pro techniques, advice and insight.

Upgrade your kit now!

Time to switch up your gear? Explore our special feature first, today. (Image credit: Future)

There comes a point in every photographer's journey when swapping out or changing up gear becomes arguably essential. It's never an easy process and can be quite stressful, especially with the choices available on today's market. That's why, this issue, we've put together an inclusive guide and what to look for in your next camera or lens and why you should choose to stay or go with your current kit. 

Learn about essential camera and lens technology, the advantages and costs of different sensor formats and how to make the final decision on the right kit for your requirements. 

Fifty Pro photo tips

Load up your creative arsenal with tips from these top industry pros (Image credit: Future)

This month we have a special tips feature for you, pulling together pro advice from the experts of the Creator Circuit - an epic learning platform for creatives. Ten pro photographers offer their advice on everything from shooting underwater, to shooting motorbikes! Don't miss these essential tips.

Shoot an enchanted forest scene

Create a landscape with a difference, integrating flash techniques (Image credit: Future)

Landscape photography is often seen as quite a formulaic genre, but it doesn't need to be! Be sure to check out our six page project, where you can explore how to draw on techniques from across the photographic spectrum to produce magical scenics. Use flash to illuminate props and master creative white balance management, for an ethereal, fairytale look.

Minimalist landscapes

Capture scenes like Neil Burnell as Claire Gillo shadows him in our Shoot like a Pro section. (Image credit: Future)

Affordable macro lenses


You needn't spend a fortune on glass for amazing closeup images (Image credit: Future)

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Plus we've got the usual tutorials, interviews, insight and opinion, from a range of experienced pro photographers from across the industry. 

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