Elgato Key Light Mini is your favorite lighting companion for video calls & shoots

New Elgato Key Light Mini portable light photography streaming
(Image credit: Elgato)

Illuminate on command with this impressive new LED panel from Elgato. Perfect for gamers, travellers and vloggers, this handheld light box can be used anywhere. 

Powered by battery or mains, the Key Light Mini is ideal for expelling light in any location from the studio to the streets, with the same iconic Elgato Key Light technology now available in a tiny but mighty portable format. 

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Flicker-free LEDs are used in the design of this device to keep the Key Light Mini cool while edge-lit architecture and multiple diffusion layers provide indirect, ultra-soft illumination. You won’t be blinded by the light as The Weeknd or Bruce Springsteen might say, but your subject will certainly be well lit.

The bright 800-Lumen (total amount of visible light emitted) LED output of the Key Light Mini is fully dimmable using its unique app and onboard controls. The light-guide plate diffuses light evenly across the panel, with a color range of 2900-7000k shifting tones of sunset amber through to arctic blue. 

(Image credit: Elgato)

The Key Light Mini has several complex layers and design features, a translucent grid panel breaks light into millions of beams, while the double-layer diffuser and opal glass proceeds to blend these beams together resulting in a seamless photon transmission of light that is indirect and easy on the eyes. 

The Elgato Workshop video below explains every key detail you need to know about its new product, the Key Light Mini, from Wifi settings to how to adjust the brightness and color settings. The video also explains how the control centre works with the Key Light Mini to allow users to remotely and wirelessly control the light output and other adjustable features such as energy saver from a distance. 

The Key Light Mini is compatible with multiple devices and can be controlled with the Elgato Stream Deck device and other app interfaces. Controlling your lighting setup remotely and discreetly can be super handy in situations where you can't get up and move, streamers mid-game for example. Although, the video does not specify if more than one Key Light Mini can be controlled by the app at the same time, when using a multi-Key-light setup or the larger Elgato Key Light predecessor. 

With a standard mounting thread and rechargeable mains battery, the Key Light Mini is destined for those rural and middle of nowhere film and photography locations. The Key Light Mini can also make a great desk companion and be mounted to your monitor so you can shine and look your best on those office zoom meetings, (monitor mount not included).

(Image credit: Elgato)

It appears this handy little device has limitless potential and uses during our daily lives and you'd be shady not to get one! Whether you're streaming, working on a remote shoot or you simply need a reading light to help you study, the Key Light Mini is practical for any profession. You can bag yourself one for $99.99 / £89.99 /AU$140.

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