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Do consumers REALLY want small phones? iPhone 12 mini sales say no

iPhone 12 Mini sales
(Image credit: Apple)

As camera phones get larger and larger, users with smaller hands have become frustrated with the lack of options. When the iPhone 12 mini was launched, many thought that this would be the revival of the smaller handset. Unfortunately, it looks as if the iPhone 12 mini hasn't been quite as popular with consumers as initially expected. 

According to a report published by Counterpoint Research, sales of the iPhone 12 mini only made up 5% of the entire iPhone 12 lineup in January. Analyst William Yang also confirmed to Reuters that the overall sales for smaller phones now only account 10% of the overall market. 

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As camera phones increased in size, the demand for a smaller phone with high-end specs seemingly increased too. Camera phones with displays that are smaller than six inches tend to fit better in most hands, offering a better single-handed experience. However, the popularity of smaller phones seems to be fading, based on the latest figures.

As reported by Reuters, the overall market for camera phones with sub-6" displays now only account for 10% of the overall market. As people consume more content on their camera phones, larger phones have seemingly increased in popularity, with video content and social media being the possible major driving force behind this. 

Smaller phones

(Image credit: Counterpoint)

Yang confirmed to Reuters that, due to the fall in sales for the iPhone 12 mini, Apple may stop its production for the second quarter. 

A Counterpoint analyst goes on to say: “This is in line with what we’re seeing in the broader global market, where screens under 6.0” now account for around 10% share of all smartphones sold." 

Apple has not yet confirmed whether it plans to continue iPhone 12 mini production. However, with the demand for smaller phones seemingly in decline, this could cause companies to rethink producing smaller variants in the future.

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