Could Canon launch the world's first automatic self-composing selfie stick?!

Canon selfie stick patent
A diagram of Canon's planned automatic selfie stick (Image credit: Digital Camera Info)

Canon has just applied for a patent on selfie stick technology that will help users take perfect photos every time. The robotic selfie stick is meant to automatically adjust its length, angle, and focal length so that your photos look even better.

Some of the best selfie sticks offer features such as Bluetooth connectivity, in-built charging, and the ability to transform into a tripod for when you need a completely hands-free photo. Canon wants to take selfie sticks a step further and design one that is able to take control of the photo taking by moving its physical parts. 

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Unlike most selfie sticks where you can attach your own phone, action camera or compact camera, it looks like Canon plans to sell it as one, convenient package with the camera already attached. We can only guess that it would include the camera so that it can be installed with the correct technology to track subjects and ensure the selfie stick positions itself correctly. 

The downside is that it means people will have to invest in a new camera and the selfie stick, which will cost more than buying your run-of-the-mill version.  However, if you regularly shoot vlogs on the move or are a keen solo traveler, perhaps the investment would be worth the time you save in trying to get the composition just right. 

From the diagrams in the patent posted on Digicam Info, there appears to be a control stick so that users could also manually adjust the position and length of the selfie stick should they want to capture a very specific angle or make micro-adjustments. 

In a world where selfies, stories and sharing life on social media is such a popular pastime, I am sure there are content creators out there that would benefit from this type of kit. If Canon pulls this off, it will be the first of its kind and potentially pave the way for the future of selfie sticks.

There’s been no mention of a release date or any official announcement about the new kit so until we hear more we will just have to wait and see what happens. Whether or not this is just a whimsical fantasy or an idea that will actually come to life, it gives some insight as to what Canon is working on asides from the RF series of cameras and how they are trying to keep up with the ever-changing photographic needs of individuals, content creators and businesses. 

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Hannah Rooke
Staff Writer

Having studied Journalism and Public Relations at the University of the West of England Hannah developed a love for photography through a module on photojournalism. She specializes in Portrait, Fashion and lifestyle photography but has more recently branched out in the world of stylized product photography. For the last 3 years Hannah has worked at Wex Photo Video as a Senior Sales Assistant using her experience and knowledge of cameras to help people buy the equipment that is right for them. With 5 years experience working with studio lighting, Hannah has run many successful workshops teaching people how to use different lighting setups.