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Controversy alert! New Canon EOS R camera "will annoy the fanboys"

Controversy alert! New Canon EOS R camera "will annoy a the fanboys"
(Image credit: Canon)

Canon is set to release a controversial new EOS R system camera in January that is "going to annoy a lot of the fanboys", according to a new report. 

On the surface, this is a statement that could be attributed to every camera since the launch of the EOS R system in 2018. Fanboys were annoyed that the original Canon EOS R didn't have two memory card slots, for example, and fanboys continue to be annoyed that the Canon EOS R5 is subject to recording limits when shooting in processor-heavy 4KHQ and 8K video modes.

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Indeed, even the upcoming Canon EOS R3 has got fanboys' knickers in a twist due to its reported sensor resolution. So the idea of a new EOS R body ruffling feathers of the hardcore fans is pretty much guaranteed, given that anything seems to ruffle their feathers.

Still, a new story by Canon Rumors would suggest that the ruffling will be caused by something even more fundamental than previously experienced. 

"I now know that an EOS R system camera is coming in January, and it may not be the Canon EOS R5c," writes the outlet. "The EOS R5c has been rumored for quite some time, but I’m not sure whether or not it will be considered a Cinema EOS camera body from sources.

"The new camera in January may be a bit controversial for some Canon shooters according to the source. 'January is going to bring a camera that will annoy a lot of the fanboys” – according to a good source.'"

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So what could this mean – are we looking at a scarcely updated Mark II of the original EOS R a la the Canon EOS M50 Mark II, which was effectively the same camera with a firmware update? 

Perhaps it will be similar to the Sony A7R IVA, which is little more than the same camera with a new EVF and rear LCD (potentially due to parts shortages of the original components)? 

Either way, we're eager to see what Canon unwraps in January. And now we'll be braced for it, if it does happen to be an underwhelming "new" camera.

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