Coalition of Photographers argues for support with lockdown restrictions

Coalition of Photographers argues for support with lockdown restrictions
(Image credit: Coalition of Photographers)

Ever since lockdown began, the creative industry has been one of the most affected, with many photographers and videographers having had the majority of their work cancelled or postponed. In response to these unprecedented circumstances, a number of UK photographic associations and trade bodies have for the first time in history come together.

Their goal is to highlight to the British government that the photographic industry, and the businesses it supports, has missed out on vital government funding. The Coalition of Photographers is doing this in the hopes that the government will look into providing better support. 

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The photography and videography industry is a part of the creative industry sector, which was the fastest growing part of the UK economy before the pandemic hit, contributing hugely to GDP. The sector primarily consists of thousands of SME businesses who have been hit hard by the current situation.

"Most photographers and videographers have fallen through the cracks of your support packages," reads a letter drafted by the Coalition for its members to send to Members of Parliament. "Many of us operate without business premises, so did not benefit from the grants that you offered. Also, many of us operate as limited companies, so cannot get any of the support given to the self-employed."

With conflicting guidelines in regards to the differences between weddings and funerals (a wedding is restricted to 15 people in England, while a funeral can be double that size – even when held in the same venue), many professional photographers and videographers have felt left behind. 

If you want to help get involved a the Coalition of Photographers website. From today, letter templates will be made available for download on the site that can be personalizes and posted to a list provided list of government officials and key departments. 

The goal is that by 12 October, thousands of letters and messages will flood into the government to bring attention to the difficulties that the professional photography and videography industry is facing. 

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Alistair Campbell

Alistair is the Features Editor of Digital Camera magazine, and has worked as a professional photographer and video producer.