CEWE strives to save the planet with eco-friendly photobook

CEWE Photobook with recycled paper
(Image credit: CEWE)

The new sustainable CEWE Photobook with recycled paper consists of inside pages that have been made from 100 per cent recycled paper, while the endpaper is made of FSC-certified paper (which ensures that it is made of responsibly sourced wood fibre).

The brilliant white base of this new recycled paper forms the perfect canvas for an eco-friendly photo book. The silky semi-matte finish results in natural colours and a contrast that works well for most types of photography, including landscapes, portraits, and lifestyle images.

(Image credit: CEWE)

We were supplied with a sample photo book printed with the new recycled paper, along with the same book printed on CEWE’s ‘Classic paper’ stock. Both were pleasingly glossy and bright, and we were hard-pressed to see any difference, even when viewing them side-by-side.  

The recycled paper for the inner pages was made from scraps and trims of paper that would otherwise go to landfill. Reusing and repurposing scraps enables CEWE to to reduce the amount of virgin pulp used in the production of their photobooks, while also reducing energy and water usage, thus helping the company’s reforestation and conservation efforts.

(Image credit: CEWE)

CEWE says that the new stock has been developed after customer feedback, suggesting that they wanted a more sustainable photobook option that didn’t compromise on quality, but the quest for the right paper proved to be demanding, as the paper need to have a smooth, bright-white surface with as few colour streaks as possible. 

The company has been announced as TIPA World Award Winner for Best Photo Service for the new photobook – making for a total of eight TIPA awards that CEWE has racked up over the years. 

(Image credit: CEWE)

Photobooks can be created in the new stock using the free-to-download CEWE Creator Software, or online directly on the CEWE website. With prices starting from  £18.99, there is a modest price increase for the recycled paper compared to the ‘Classic’ stock, but it’s a small price to pay when conserving the planet’s precious resources…

(Image credit: CEWE)

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