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Celebrate International Women's Day with these female photographers

Celebrate International Women's Day with these female photographers
(Image credit: Women Who)

Women in the photography and videography fields can be largely under-represented, but the Women Who Photo & Film campaign is aiming to change that. As we celebrate International Women's Day, we take a look at nine female photographers and videographers who are paving the way for more women to follow in their footsteps.

These ambassadors hark from a range of backgrounds, including weddings, fashion, music and corporate photography. They'll be shining a light on the challenges women face in reaching the top of male-dominated industries such as filmmaking and photography.

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This year's ambassadors include Angela Nicholson, Emma Wilson, Iulia David, Heather Hughes, Paula Abu, Brooke Shaden, Carys Kaiser, Lilla Nyeki and Rebecca Spencer. 

Some of the Women Who Photo & Film ambassadors will be speaking in a live panel discussion at The Photography Show and The Video Show at NEC, Birmingham on Monday 16 March, including Brooke Shaden, Angela Nicholson, Emma Wilson, Paula Abu, Heather Hughes and Carys Kaiser. They'll be providing business advice to female professionals and anyone aspiring to make their hobby their dream job.

Angela Nicholson founded SheClicks, a supportive network of women who want to learn and share knowledge about photography. She's also been testing camera gear from all the major manufacturers since January 2004.

Emma Wilson is an international wedding filmmaker who spent 20 years at the BBC as a newsreader and video journalist. She's a qualified videographer trainer and mentor, and also runs The Story Creatives, a corporate video production company. 

Paula Abu is a 21 year old south London based photographer who has shot a cover with Nike for GUAP magazine and worked with music artists including Jaz Karis.

Heather Hughes is a videographer who focuses on travel filming, wedding, corporate and social media videography. Heather went deaf at the age of three, but never let it get in the way of working as a videographer. 

And lastly, Carys Kaiser, also known as The Drone Lass, comes from a TV production background. She's done everything from sound recording, working as a camera assistant and camera operator to self-shooting PD (producer director). 

The Women Who Photo & Film campaign has already generated widespread industry support, with the likes of Cewe, Epson, Canon, Olympus, Fujifilm, Nikon, Panasonic and Three Legged Thing among those pushing for more women to join the filmmaking and photography industries.

If you'd like to attend the Women Who Photo & Film panel at The Photography Show at the NEC, Birmingham on Monday 16 March, you can purchase tickets here.

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