Get your photo magazine digitally at home. Download 5 issues for $5 (or £5)

Download 5 issues for $5 (or £5)

Can't get out of the house to get a photographic magazine to read? Don’t worry if you can’t get to your local store to buy the latest issue – or if you normal newsagent is simply shut.  You can subscribe today to one of our special digital subscription offers and get your magazine instantly on your phone, tablet, or computer.  

And to help you in this time of coronavirus crisis, we are offering a special offer that lets you get five issues for just $5 (or £5 in the UK, or €5 in Europe). 

What's more we have four different photographic magazines to choose from... pick the one that you fancy, and give it a go. 

Digital Camera is our best-selling title, and is aimed at all photographers whatever camera you use, and whatever your experience.

Digital Photographer is aimed at those who like a longer read, or for those who consider themselves semi-professional.

PhotoPlus is our magazine for Canon photographers - ensuring that all the content is aimed at EOS DSLR and mirrorless camera users

N-Photo is our magazine for Nikon nuts - aimed those with D-series DSLRs or Z-series mirrorless cameras. 

Subscribe, and you will get the choice of two different apps:

• The Apple iOS app is designed specifically for iPhone and iPad users

• The Android version meanwhile works using the PocketMags app - which will allow you not only view your magazines on an Android phone or tablet - but also on a Mac or Windows computer. (And as a multi-platform solution, this will also work on an iPhone or iPad.)

The best photography magazine subscription deals:

Digital Camera (opens in new tab)

Digital Camera (opens in new tab) is the definitive guide to digital photography. Every issue comes packed with expert advice, in-depth tutorials, news, interviews, tests of all the latest gear, free gifts and inspirational images. Digital Camera has the sole aim of helping you become a better photographer. 

Special digital edition sale - Five issue for $5/£5/€5 (opens in new tab)

PhotoPlus: The Canon Magazine (opens in new tab)

PhotoPlus: The Canon Magazine (opens in new tab) is the world's only monthly newsstand title that's 100% devoted to Canon, so you can be sure the magazine is completely relevant to your system. 

Special digital edition sale - Five issue for $5/£5/€5 (opens in new tab)

N-Photo (opens in new tab)

N-Photo (opens in new tab) is 100% Nikon-devoted, and 100% editorially independent. If you're a Nikon owner and want to improve your images, get the best buying advice and reviews, see some of the world's best Nikon photography,  N-Photo is the title for you. 

Special digital edition sale - Five issue for $5/£5/€5 (opens in new tab)

Digital Photographer (opens in new tab)

Aimed at semi-professionals, Digital Photographer (opens in new tab) sets out to challenge and motivate you to take your best shots. Our in-depth features are designed to take your photography to the next level. 

Special digital edition sale - Five issue for $5/£5/€5 (opens in new tab)

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Chris George has worked on Digital Camera World since its launch in 2017. He has been writing about photography, mobile phones, video making and technology for over 30 years – and has edited numerous magazines including PhotoPlus, N-Photo, Digital Camera, Video Camera, and Professional Photography. 

His first serious camera was the iconic Olympus OM10, with which he won the title of Young Photographer of the Year - long before the advent of autofocus and memory cards. Today he uses a Nikon D800, a Fujifilm X-T1, a Sony A7, and his iPhone 11 Pro.

He has written about technology for countless publications and websites including The Sunday Times Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, Dorling Kindersley, What Cellphone, T3 and Techradar.