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Canon's unique image-stabilised binoculars are just £325 on Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day: Canon 10 x 30 IS II Binoculars
(Image credit: Canon)

We're used to stabilised lenses and cameras, but stabilised binoculars are very uncommon. In fact, it's only Canon and Leica that makes them (and not many people can afford the Leica ones). The first time you look through a pair of stabilised binoculars it's a revelation, so while these Canon binoculars look expensive compared to the average high street buy, they are a superb choice for birdwatchers, sports fans and anyone else who uses binoculars for hours at a time.

They are available at a £74 discount on Amazon Prime Day. If you're not an Amazon Prime member you can find out more on our Amazon Prime Day hub page, including information on how to sign up.

And do keep checking back to our Amazon Prime Day page. It contains all the latest and best deals during the Amazon Prime Day period from July 15 to 16.

Canon 10 x 30 IS II Binoculars - Black - now £325
We loved these Canon binoculars even before they had £74 slashed off the price for Amazon Prime Day. Now, they're a steal! What makes them special is the image stabilisation you won't find on other makes binoculars – giving you a shake-free view of what you are looking at. They're ideal for bird watching, travel and sports.
UK deal – ends midnight 16 JulyView Deal