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Canon DSLR strobe kit just $300! Camera, lens, flash, tripod… a Black Friday bargain!

Canon DSLR strobe kit just $300! Camera, lens, flash, tripod… a Black Friday bargain!
(Image credit: Newegg)

Just when you thought Black Friday was done and we'd have to wait for the Cyber Monday camera deals to roll in, here comes a brilliant Black Friday bargain: the Canon DSLR strobe kit for just $300.85

This contains absolutely everything a burgeoning photographer needs to get a taste of flash photography: the Canon EOS 4000D (aka the Rebel T100), the versatile Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens, slave flashgun, 32GB memory card, tripod, filter kit, telephoto and wide-angle converter, memory card holder, cleaning kit… an absolute Black Friday bounty!

Canon 4000D / Rebel T100 strobe kit: $300.85 (was $396.98)
For beginners looking for their first taste of flash, this kit has everything you need! The EOS 4000D / Rebel T100 is Canon's most entry level model, but its 18MP APS-C sensor still delivers the goods, and the 18-55mm lens covers most of the shooting bases!
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For those investing in their first interchangeable lens camera, a DSLR is still the cheapest option – and there’s no denying that the EOS 4000D represents great value for money. 

The specs aren't cutting edge, but if you're cutting your teeth in photography then the 18MP sensor and 1080p video up to 30 frames per second will get you started on the right foot – as will the versatile 18-55mm lens, with an equivalent 28-88mm focal range that will enable you to shoot in most scenarios. 

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