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Canon 5D IV + FREE 4TB drive, 64GB card + battery grip! Cyber Monday madness!

Canon 5D IV + FREE 4TB drive, 64GB card + battery grip! Cyber Monday madness!
(Image credit: B&H)

Still hungry for more Cyber Monday camera deals? How about an amazing deal on one of the best DSLRs out there? Check this out: the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with FREE 4TB external hard drive, 64GB memory card and battery grip is just $2,499!

This amazing B&H Cyber Monday deal gives you all the storage and battery power you need to keep shooting and shooting and shooting!

Canon 5D Mk IV + hard drive + SD + grip: $2,499 ($3,240 value)
With a 30.4MP full-frame sensor, the 5D Mark IV is a premium performer for stills as well as 4K video. And with a FREE 4TB hard drive, 64GB SD card and battery grip, you'll be able to keep shooting till the cows come home!View Deal

Quite simply, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is one of the most well-rounded and complete DSLRs we've seen. From landscapes and intimate close-ups to sports and wildlife, it'll perform superbly in any situation – and is widely used by professional photographers around the globe. 

It has a mighty full-frame 30.4MP full-frame sensor for starters, while the noise and dynamic range performance, AF system and touchscreen are all a distinct improvement on previous models. 

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