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Cyber Monday memory card deals: rock-bottom prices on top-quality cards

Cyber Monday memory card deals
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You can never have too many memory cards, and with the rock-bottom prices we're being treated to this Cyber Monday, there's never been a better time to increase the storage capacity of your camera, drone or phone! We've scoured the web to find the best memory card deals around, so no matter whether your device takes SD, microSD, CompactFlash or CFexpress cards, we've got a superb deal for you. Here are the very best Black Friday deals on memory cards available right now!

Cyber Monday memory card deals

Cyber Monday memory card deals in the US

Lexar 256GB Professional 633x SDXC Card | was $46.99 | now $31.99
Save $15
A premium 256GB SD card for $32?! You simply can't go wrong with this superb deal. 256GB is currently the best value capacity for SD cards, and this Lexar Professional 633x SD card is a sweeter deal than most. With read speeds up to 95MB/s, it's also fast enough for most stills or video recording scenarios.View Deal

PNY 512GB Elite Performance SDXC Card | was $74.99 | now $67.99
Save $7
We reckon this is one of the best value high performance 512GB SD cards available this Cyber Monday. With a read speed of up to 95MB/s, it's fast enough for high res image bursts and 4K video recording, as well as having the capacity to hold plenty of footage.View Deal

Lexar 1TB Professional 633x SDXC Card | was $249.99 | now $159.99
Save $90
1TB SD cards still have quite a high price per gigabyte, as a pair of 512GB SD cards can often be had for less money than a single 1TB card. However if you must have 1TB of storage on a single card, this Lexar offering is one of the best deals available right now. And it's fast, too, with read speeds of up to 95MB/s.View Deal

Lexar 256GB Professional UHS-II SDXC Card| was $99.99 | now $59.99
Save $40
UHS-II SD cards are around twice as fast as their regular UHS-I counterparts, but predictably, they're also around twice the price for the same capacity. Even so, this 40% saving on a 256GB Lexar UHS-II card makes it a real tempter, especially with extra-rapid read speeds of up to 250MB/s.View Deal

SanDisk 400GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card| was $69.99 | now $44.99
Save $25
Great for drones, Android camera phones or action cams, this 400GB version of SanDisk's Ultra line of microSDXC cards is the best value in the range, with the lowest price per gigabyte of storage. Up to 120MB/s read speed is quick enough for most shooting requirements, and the 400GB capacity is a practical size for everyday use.View Deal

SanDisk 64GB Extreme Compact Flash Card | was $44.95 | now $34.99
Save $9.96
If you're rocking a camera like a Canon EOS 5D Mark III or Mark IV that still records onto CompactFlash cards, don't worry, there are great Cyber Monday deals to be had on CF cards. We reckon this SanDisk deal is one of the best, with 64GB being the optimal price/capacity sweet spot. Up to 120MB/s read speed is also respectably quick for a CF card.View Deal

SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO CFexpress Type-B Card | was $249 | now $169.99
Save $79.01
CFexpress is the memory card format of the moment, but prices are still high relative to SD cards. That said, a $70 saving on this SanDisk card makes it one of - if not the - best value 128GB CFexpress Type-B cards available right now. Read/write speeds of 1700/1200MB/s aren't quite the fastest out there, but they're plenty fast enough for most scenarios.View Deal

Black Friday memory card deals in the UK

SanDisk Extreme PRO 256GB | was £94.99 |now £54.99
Save £40 This SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC memory card has 256GB of memory and features shooting speeds of up to 90MB/s and transfer speeds of up to 170MB/s.View Deal

SanDisk Extreme 128GB | was £38.99 | now £18
Save £21 This SanDisk Extreme SDXC memory card has 128GB of storage and features up to 70MB/s shooting speeds and up to 150MB/s transfer speeds.View Deal

SanDisk Ultra 512GB microSDXC | was £133 | now £64.99
Save £69 Perfect for Android smartphones, tablets and action cameras, this microSDXC memory card has up to 100MB/s transfer speeds and a massive 512GB capacity.View Deal

Memory cards are definitely one of the most essential pieces of kit you can invest your money in. After all, it doesn't matter how big your sensor is, or how expensive your lens was, if you don't have the right hardware to record your captures. Luckily, there are loads of Black Friday deals on some amazing memory cards – and they're available in both the UK and the US too! 

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