Anker expands its Nano phone chargers into a whole new series of devices

Anker Nano series
(Image credit: Anker)

Anker’s Nano chargers are some of the smallest wall chargers that offer big power for fast charging your mobile devices. Anker is now expanding (or rebranding) the Nano range to encompass even more new and reworked products under one umbrella for charging phones, tablets, and other on-the-go devices.

Although Apple is yet to confirm anything, Anker (along with the rest of the world), is anticipating the iPhone 15 series finally making the switch from Lightning to USB-C. And with Apple almost certainly not going to include a charger in the box, this means a golden opportunity for Anker to sell lots of USB-C-enabled chargers to new iPhone owners, when the iPhone 15 is launched on September 12.

The fun new look of the Anker Nano series will set it apart from Anker’s beefier Anker Prime chargers for laptops and bigger devices, with their sleek and serious gunmetal grey looks such as the Anker Prime 100W charger. With this change, it looks like Anker might actually be creating much more characteristic product categories and cleaning up its quite extensive catalog which has so far been separated under less distinctive ‘Series X’ titles.

The Anker Nano 30W charger comes in different colors and pin layouts. (Image credit: Anker)

Firstly the Anker Nano 30W charger is your standard wall charger, although true to its Nano name, is tiny in size and comes complete with folding pins for easy storage and travel. As the name suggests it is capable of 30W output which is six times faster than the standard 5W iPhone charger. The plug also has a new look and comes in several different colors to match your style (or phone). The charger is available for US, EU, and UK plugs, although each with a slightly different design.

Anker Nano 22.5W Power Bank with its flip up USB-C connector. (Image credit: Anker)

The Anker Nano 22.5W power bank has a flip-up USB-C connector that enables the entire power bank to be a minuscule 3 inches long and 1.4 inches wide, but still manages to provide a 5000mAh boost of battery to your mobile devices. This is enough capacity to charge a Samsung Galaxy S23 phone one full-time, or one full charge of an iPhone 14 via the additional port on the side, which can also be used for charging a second low-powered device like an Apple or Galaxy Watch.

Anker Nano 30W Power Bank (Image credit: Anker)

Finally, the Anker 30W power bank is more of your typical design of power bank, although this one comes with a built-in dual-directional USB-C cable that can be used both for charging the power bank or your devices. When not in use, this cable also does double duty as a carry handle. 

With 10,000mAh of capacity, you can charge your phone up to twice over via its 30W output, and there are also additional USB-C and USB-A outputs on the side of the bank should you want to charge multiple devices at once, or something without a USB-C connection (like the current crop of iPhones). Like the rest of the new Nano range, this also comes in a choice of colors, as has as a TFT color screen that displays charging information.

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