Angelbird expands its CFexpress Type B card line-up: more speed, extra value

Angelbird AV PRO SX CFexpress Type B card
(Image credit: Angelbird)

Angelbird has expanded its line-up of CFexpress Type B cards with two new ranges: AV PRO SE and AV PRO SX.

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(Image credit: Angelbird)

The AV PRO SX range is the ultra-high-performance tier, being designed for demanding pro photographers and videographers. Available in 160GB and 330GB capacities, AV PRO SX cards are rated for maximum read/write speeds of 1785MB/s and 1600MB/s, but that's not the most impressive part. With an uninterrupted sustained write speed of 1480 MB/s, these cards should easily be fast enough to handle 8K RAW or even 12K RAW video recording, as well as continuous RAW stills capture with virtually any camera. Expect to pay USD $129.99 for the 160GB card, while the 330GB capacity will retail for $299.99.

(Image credit: Angelbird)

The new AV PRO SE CFexpress Type B range is more focussed on capacity and value for money. The SE range consists of 512GB and 1TB cards, with both having a 1785MB/s max read speed and 1550MB/s peak write rate. The two capacities differ when it comes to sustained write speed, however, with the 512GB card rated for 800MB/s, whereas the 1TB capacity can sustain 1300MB/s. Consequently Angelbird rates the 1TB card as suitable for 12K RAW capture, while the 512GB card is 'only' capable of recording 8K RAW footage. Pricing does reflect this speed differential though. The 1TB card will be one of the cheapest 1TB Type B cards on the market with a launch price of USD $299.99, but the 512GB card is even better value in terms of gigabytes-per-dollar, as it carries an RRP of just $129.99.

Angelbird AV PRO SX and AV PRO SE cards are available to buy now from Adorama

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