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An Insta360 camera was strapped to a British Superbike: here’s what happened!

We’ve just reviewed the excellent Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition, but that’s not the only 360 camera action we’ve got for you this week. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you strapped an Insta360 ONE X to a 1000cc superbike, watch the video of Bennetts British Superbike rider Peter Hickman above to find out.

Motorsport photographer Amanda Leeming attached the Insta360 ONE X to the headstock of Peter Hickman’s Smiths BMW S1000RR for two laps of Snetterton Circuit, Norfolk. 

The run took place during a free practice session back in June 2019, but has only just appeared on the rider’s YouTube channel alongside another 360-degree video shot at Thruxton Circuit.

British Superbikes are capable of outputting well over 200bhp and can hit speeds of 200mph. As such, the device was fixed onto the superbike with a GoPro mount and a cable tie was also used as a safety precaution. The videos were edited using Insta360 STUDIO 2019 and exported in full HD.

On-board footage is certainly nothing new to the world of motorsport, but with the ability to capture a 360-degree panorama, it’s possible that 360 cameras have a future in the sport. We questioned Amanda on her experiences with the camera and she told us: ‘Every time I use the Insta360 ONE X it surprises me how it can add that extra dimension to your videos, and I like that it fits in your pocket too.’

The pint-sized camera measures just 115 x 48 x 28mm and weighs only 115g. It’s capable of shooting 5.7K footage at 30fps and its FlowState technology provides smooth stabilized footage. 

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