An eyewitness to climate change: polar photographer Danie Ferreira's luxury book

Danie Ferreira new book Out in the Cold releasing October 2022
Spine of Out in the Cold volumes North and South (Image credit: Hurtwood)

One of the world’s leading polar and climate change photographers, Danie Ferreira, is releasing a beautifully presented new photo book Out in the Cold, set to be released in two combined volumes next month on October 18, 2022. 

Split between his journey through the North and South poles, Out in the Cold brings together over 30 years' worth of astonishing images from Ferreira's journey through Svalbard, Greenland, the Canadian High Arctic, and Antarctica – capturing the icy terrains and wildlife that are slowly vanishing before our eyes.

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Aside from showcasing his beautiful, and previously unseen photography, Ferreira's aim through the creation of Out in the Cold is to demonstrate vital documentary, using a bold new voice in photojournalism to depict an eyewitness account of what is described as the world’s most inhospitable regions.

Danie Ferreira is a South African photographer, cinematographer, and producer. He worked as a meteorological observer in Antarctica in 1983 at the age of just 19, equipped with an entry-level SLR on a 14-month voyage, inspiring him to become a dedicated photojournalist. 

A Greenland dog is ferried across the Barents Sea, to help lead an Arctic exploration - Out in the Cold (North Volume) (Image credit: ©Danie Ferreira)

The limited-edition luxury handcrafted photo book comprises two volumes (North and South) that are each 364 pages long, round-backed, and bound in a silver dupion silk with a bluish lustre. The cover details are blocked in a silver-blue foil, with hand-painted metallic silver edges. 

The book is more of a limited-edition luxury collector’s item, and most remarkably, each book has been overstamped and certified at the geographical poles.

Emperor penguins in Antarctica - Out in the Cold (South Volume). (Image credit: ©Danie Ferreira)

Each volume of North and South is printed on one of the world’s finest papers, Mohawk Superfine, and fully hand-bound and housed in a silk-screened handmade presentation box, with metallic foil blocking on the base. 

The £2,500 ($2,854 / AU$4,257 approximately) price for this photo book might be extortionate, but you can certainly see why, justified by the exquisite craftsmanship. 

Page spread from the book featuring Close-up of a Greenland dog in Svalbard (North Volume). (Image credit: Hurtwood)

Ferreira found a close-knit community of fellow ice chasers in the Arctic and Antarctic, falling increasingly more in love with the landscape that surrounded him, described as an awe-inspiring terrain that is rapidly dwindling due to the devastating effects of global climate change. 

Bør’s bow cuts through sheets of ice in Svalbard - Out in the Cold (North Volume). (Image credit: ©Danie Ferreira)

His encounters during his photojournalistic adventures over 30 years are the foundations of Out in the Cold, weaving together written reflections of six expeditions, paired with intimate photos.

Petermann Island (65° S), where an Adélie penguin colony resides - Out in the Cold (South Volume). (Image credit: ©Danie Ferreira)

Out in the Cold offers extraordinary close-up shots of polar bears and seals, amongst other Arctic creatures, revealing the humanity in nature. One of Ferreira's keenest interests is in the human-canine relationship, and In 2016, he directed a documentary titled Ice Dogs, with a focus on Greenland’s native snow dogs, his trusty sidekicks. These shepherding snow dogs are beautifully honored in the book.

Intrepid explorers brave the elements in their trek to the South Pole - Out in the Cold (South Volume). (Image credit: ©Danie Ferreira)

Out in the Cold is the first book-length collection of photographs by Danie Ferreira, though he is currently working on a second book, Vanishing Ice, which will delve further into the current impacts of climate change on our planet.

Be sure to pre-order a copy (if you can afford to) of Out in the Cold which is expected to be released on October 18, 2022, in a hardback format and produced by fine-art publishers, Hurtwood.

A musher leads their dogs into the wilds of Greenland - Out in the Cold (North Volume). (Image credit: ©Danie Ferreira)

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