Loupedeck+ making photo editing faster and more intuitive

A top-down view of the Loupedeck+

Often, hardware designed for retouching and photo-editing isn't nearly as exciting as the cameras and lenses themselves. Being out in the field – or the streets, studio or wherever – is where the magic happens for so many photographers. The editing suite is more boring and routine.

The Loupedeck+ is a sleek black, keyboard-esque device with vibrant dots and clearly labelled keys, it's a tactile companion to your editing process; something that can help speed up your workflow and make it feel a whole lot more interesting.

The idea is that it takes some of the commands, features and sliders out of your raw processing software, and places them onto the keyboard in front of you; it's almost unique in that it's perfect for beginners who need a little help around their software, intermediates seeking a quicker workflow, and professionals looking for the ultimate set-up.

While this is an “editing console” that can certainly speed your editing time up, it can also help you get more creative. With every kind of edit in front of you, from vibrance and temperature to clarity and shadows, the Loupedeck+ makes it extremely easy to experiment, thanks to the various knobs and buttons available. It's less of a conscious effort to make specific editing choices, and more a playful venture into the possibility of what can be done with your images.

The Loupedeck+ is fully integrated with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, providing users with a faster and more efficient editing workflow. Loupedeck is constantly innovating and working towards new integrations in an effort provide more creatives the ability to utilize this tool. Excitingly, the Loupedeck+ is also completely compatible with Aurora HDR, the award-winning High Dynamic Range editing and processing tool from Skylum.

One of the most interesting angles for the Loupedeck+ is that it can become part of your video-editing workflow. After much feedback from Loupedeck's community, the Loupedeck+ is now fully integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This integration enables the ability to perform colour corrections and grading, flexible timeline navigation and provides plenty of customisation needed for video editing. You can also import and export your own custom Loupedeck configuration setups too.

With control dials and seventeen buttons to play around with, the Loupedeck+ is customisable as it allows you to input specific options into the device. The Custom Mode button allows you to assign whatever controls you wish to the dials, enabling you to make custom editswith ease. Simply turn the dial to set a value, press it to return to zero or to the camera’s “as shot” value, and turn the dial quickly to move faster from end to end.

The Loupedeck+ can cut editing times by 25%. That's pretty impressive when you consider it's an intuitive tool that also enhances your creativity as an editor. As specific photo-editing hardware develops alongside the out-in-the-field side of photography, the Loupedeck+ could well become revolutionary; it's simple to use, incredibly effective and most of all, great fun to play around with.

To discover more about the Loupedeck+, please visit Loupedeck's official website.

You can also learn more about Loupedeck by visiting @Loupedeck on Twitter and Instagram.

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