Flash back: the history of the SD card, and why we think it deserves more love

Kingston Canvas React Plus SDXC UHS-II card review
(Image credit: Angela Nicholson/Digital Camera World)

What makes a great tech product? If the success of a device like the iPhone is anything to go by, you could argue that it's making an immensely complicated technological feat of engineering, while hiding this complexity behind an effortlessly easy to use human interface. But it's not just headline-grabbing halo products like the iPhone that manages to achieve this elusive synergy of complexity and simplicity. It could be argued that the humble SD card is no less impressive, concealing highly advanced and miniaturized flash memory within a completely innocuous sliver of plastic. The SD card is now so ubiquitous that it's usually taken for granted, yet we think it deserves more love than it generally gets. Pretty much everyone with a digital camera is likely to have at least one SD card, and likely many more, but have you ever stopped to think about how the SD card came to be? This is a topic discussed in more detail on Western Digital's blog site.

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