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LIVE report: Watch the DJI Mini 3 Pro camera drone launch here

Watch the DJI Mini Pro 3 launch event LIVE with us as the company unveils its latest camera drone

DJI Mini 3 Pro launch event
(Image: © DJI)

Spoiler alert!

DJI have now released details of the new DJI Mini 3 Pro, which has become DJI’s first in this category to offer tri-directional obstacle sensors, as well as offering 4K at 60 fps (topping the Mini 2’s 30fps), ActiveTrack and a vertical camera option to share-friendly images.


DJI Mini 3 drone: what we know so far

DJI first started off its popular drone series with the DJI Mavic Mini in October 2019, which at the time of release was a pretty unique offering, packing a 2.7K camera into a body under 250g. That family now includes the more recent DJI Mini SE and the DJI Mini 2.

Although DJI hasn't put out any official statements about its release dates or specs, the most recent and exciting leak is a DJI Mini Pro 3 spec sheet from Sony Alpha Rumors via Twitter account Jasper Ellens suggesting the model will have a new Sony 48MP sensor. If this is true, the Sony Quadpixel sensor design will be similar to the one used by the OM-1 digital camera

It’s expected to include features that were missing before, such as obstacle avoidance sensors, it could have a larger battery with flight autonomy and perhaps even a 1-inch sensor with an f/1.7 lens – which would be a game changer regardless of whether you’re using it for photos or videos. 

From the apparently leaked spec sheet, it looks as if the Mini Pro 3 will have a top speed of 57kmph, while the lens will have an 82.1-degree field of view, which is an equivalent format of 24mm lens, again take these with a pinch of salt as no official comment has been made by DJI.

How to watch the DJI drone launch

The gimbal and camera unit also looks they have received an upgrade by way of a re-design, we are used to seeing the camera held by two arms of the gimbal, yet the new DJI Mini 3 take a more interesting approach, and actually looks like a mini version of the DJI OM 5 - which could be an interesting development. 

The camera also appears to be more of a square design than the more traditional rectangle we have seen from the drone giant, which might be due to keeping the weight down to 249g. 

DJI Mini 3 Pro leaked photos

(Image credit: @DealsDrones)

Perhaps the one downside to having the screen included in the controller is that the joysticks are now much further up which could be less comfortable to hold but until we get one in our hand we won’t know if that’s the case or not. 

 To quote a few in the very lively and highly excited Youtube Chat ahead of the official lunch, many are looking forward to a potential DJI Mini 3 Pro, some even saying:

It's no surprise DJI drones top our list of the best drones around. From a bit of high-flying fun, through to the ultimate selfie-drone; from a photographer’s favorite through to industrial and educational quadcopters, DJI have at least one offering in every area. There’s even a drone for crop spraying! The range was extended with three-and-a-half remarkable drones just in 2021, with the arrival of the racing DJI FPV, the foldable DJI Air 2S, the Mini SE (depending where you live) and the Mavic 3.

best DJI Mini 2 deals

DJI Mini 2 drone (Image credit: DJI)

With less than 21 minutes to go, there is no denying that the YouTube chat hype train is real! Many cannot wait to place there order for this new drone, while others want to know a little more before place their hard earned cash on the table.

This is your 5 minute call - Video dropping in 5 minutes time!

 It's here, the DJI Min 3 Pro is finally here! 

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